Favorite Songs of 2023

Last end of the year list is my favorite songs of the year. Same story as with the Finnish ones. Mostly just a huge playlist for the onechordnet history books, because the on-going playlists will eventually move into 2024. I just selected a song of the year and then highlighted a few others that weren’t on the top of the albums list. This playlist is still very much in-progress and there won’t be any kind ranking outside the song of the year. The playlist is currently only on Spotify, but I guess I will add it to other platforms once it’s more ready. I know it doesn’t make a whole lot sense to post these when they are unfinished, but I just want to get these blog posts done and then ease into Christmas without a need to do anything else than adding songs to a playlist. The trouble with compiling these monster playlists is that somewhere along the way I lose the plot and I have no idea what I’ve added and what I haven’t. So I’m pretty sure I will just forget to add something that I really like.

Anyway, that’s all blog stuff for 2023. Thank you for following my new music adventure during the year. It means a lot. Happy holidays and I hope I see you back here when I continue sometime in January.

Spotify playlist

Slaid Cleaves – Next Heartbreak

Haley E Rydell – Midwestern Daughter

Charlotte Cornfield – The Magnetic Fields (Double Double Whammy)

Kitba – This Body (Ruination Record Co)

Willi Carlisle – When the Pills Wear Off (Signature Sounds Recordings)

Favorite Song of the Year:

Jeffrey Martin – Red Station Wagon (Fluff & Gravy Records / Loose Music)

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