OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #266

Sorry for the delay. Busy weekend, but here’s a quick new music weekly just before Super Bowl kick off. I ended the Qobuz experiment for now, so this is not there anymore. I really liked the app and might eventually return. I think it would be my go-to platform, if I quit making this playlist and only cared about my own listening, but right now it makes more sense to stay where the listeners are.

Maybe a bit slower release week, but there’s a few special ones for sure. Ivan Macleod made the album of the week. Other great album releases came from Itasca, Brittany Howard, Ducks Ltd, Madi Diaz and Tyler Ramsey.

The big one from Finland is the new Antti Autio album. Also very much in love with the new Viitasen Piia single. Other Finnish gems are singles from Reetta Hotti, Samoaja, AURAL, Saa Kiljua ja Sami Yaffa.

International singles were gold this week. Desiree Cannon, Mac Cornish and Georgia Parker can share the single of the week honors. Love them all. Other early faves came from Scott Ballew, Zachary Lucky, The Lemon Twigs, Jon McKiel, Billy Allen + The Pollies, Jeremy Ferrara and William Alexander. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Next up Super Bowl. love love love.

1. Ivan Macleod – Big Moon Over Beaumont (It’s Bad Dirt That Holds My Home, Anti-Corp, 2024)
2. Itasca – Under Gates of Cobalt Blue (Imitation of War, Paradise of Bachelors, 2024)
3. Brittany Howard – I Don’t (What Now, Island Records, 2024)
4. Ducks Ltd. – Deleted Scanes (Harm’s Way, Carpark, 2024)
5. Madi Diaz – Same Risk (Weird Faith, Anti, 2024)
6. Tyler Ramsey – We Were a Small Town (New Lost Ages, Soundly, 2024)
7. Desiree Cannon – Fault Line (single, Gar Hole Records / Long Road Society, 2024)
8. Mac Cornish – Belle of the Bar (single, 2024)
9. Georgia Parker – WHy Can’t It Be Me? (single, 2024)
10. William Alexander – Castlereagh (single, 2024)
11. Scott Ballew – Suicide Squeeze (single, La Honda Records, 2024)
12. Zachary Lucky – Jasper (single, Wroxton Recordings, 2024)
13. Christopher Paul Stelling – Lay By Your Side (single / side 1 of worthcoming album, 2024)
14. Jeremy Ferrara – Reason (single, American Standard Time Records / A For Effort Records, 2024)
15. Little Wings – Bubbles Go Pop (single, Perpetual Doom, 2024)
16. The Lemon Twigs – They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place (single, Captured Tracks, 2024)
17. Jon McKiel – Hex (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2024)
18. Eric Slick – Lose Our Minds (single, Slick Records / Thirty Tigers, 2024)
19. Billy Allen + The Pollies – I Thought You Wanted Him (single, Single Lock Records, 2024)
20. Jason Joshua – Say (single, Mango Hill Records, 2024)
21. Antti Autio – Täällä sinua kaivataan (Täällä sinua kaivataan, Soit Se Silti, 2024)
22. Viitasen Piia – Jano (single, 2024)
23. AURAL – Armomurha (single, Valoisaudio, 2024)
24. Reetta Hotti – Makaronikoru (single, 2024)
25. Samoaja – Ego (single, Landscape Records, 2024)
26. Saa Kiljua – Maailma on valmis (single, Kasiolove, 2024)
27. Sami Yaffa – Crashing Down (single, Vallila Music House, 2024)
28. Hedy Blaazer – Jameson On Ice (single, 2024)
29. Rosali – On Tonight (single, Merge Records, 2024)
30. Caitlin Cannon – Beggar (single, 2024)
31. Jack Fister – Stonejack Law (single, 2024)
32. Johno Leeroy – My Whole World (single, 2024)
33. Justin Golden – The Rain Done Fell On Me Pt. 1 (single, Vocal Rest Records, 2024)
34. Amigo the Devil – Once Upon a Time at Texaco Pt. 1 (single, Liars Club / Regime Music Group, 2024)
35. Will Hoge – I’d Be Lying (single, EDLO Records / Soundly, 2024)
36. Forrest VanTuyl – The County (single, American Standard Time Records, 2024)
37. AC Sapphire – Weed Money (single, American Standard Time Records, 2024)
38. Becca Mancari – Short and Sweet (single, Captured Tracks, 2024)
39. Alena Spanger – Difficult People (single, Ruination Record Co, 2024)
40. Emily Barker – Feathered Thing (single, Everyone Sang, 2024)
41. The Northern Belle – Fresh Dew Drippin (single, Die With Your Boots On Records, 2024)
42. The Hanging Stars – Sweet Light (single, Loose Music, 2024)
43. The Bures Band – The Pilot (single, 2024)
44. Henry Parker – Meanwoon Valley Tanneries (single, 2024)
45. Beth Gibbons – Floating on a Moment (single, Domino Recording Co, 2024)
46. Jana Pochop – American Habits (single, Patient Grasshopper Music, 2024)
47. Curling – Shamble (single, Royal Oakie Records, 2024)
48. The Roseline – Lopsided Luck (Keystone of the Heart, RPH Records, 2024)
49. The Montvales – Say the Word (Born Strangers, 2024)
50. Penniless – To a Friend (Ego Catastrophe, Soit Se Silti, 2024)

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