OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #281

Another quick new music weekly. I probably should put more effort to these. Thankfully it was a bit less crowded week due to memorial day weekend in the US.

The Pearlfishers and Adam Ross can share the album of the week honors. Some great pop albums there. This week we also have new albums from Yea-Ming and the Rumours, Motorists, Bess Atwell, Dolour, The Reds, Pinks and Purples, Gregory Ackerman (EP), Wyatt C. Louis, Kim Richey, Lana Nauphal, Steel Fringe (EP), La Luz, Sweet Megg and Bill MacKay. Memorial and Wesley Fuller have been out for a while, but I just lately discovered and therefore first time here.

The album from Leija Lautamaja is the big Finnish treasure of the week. Such a magnificent album. Also very fond of the new Sonja Selene single. Loved the first one and same feeling applies here too. There’s also great new singles from Rosita Luu, Kari Tapiiri, Pelko, Rättö & Lehtisalo, Eidetic Dreams, Ville Rauhala and Hullu Pappila.

And from the international single category there’s a whole lot of good ones too. Some early faves came from BenBen, Carson McHone, Asher Kartman (a week or two old), Marina Allen, Sinai Vessel, Pete Posie, Marley Hale, The Bird Calls.. again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Next weekend schedule is still a bit of a blur, but there probably will be a new weekly somewhere along the way. We’ll see. Love and other beautiful things.

1. The Pearlfishers – Protect the Heart That’s Beating (Making Tapes for Girls, Marina Records)
2. Adam Ross – Ego (Littoral Zone, Fika Recordings)
3. Yea-Ming and the Rumours – Can We Meet in the Middle (I Can’t Have It All. Dandy Boy Records)
4. Motorists – Barking at the Gates (Touched by the Stuff, Bobo Integral)
5. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – Your Tastes Makes You Strange (This Is Adult Art School, Burundi Cloud)
6. Dolour – Out of My System (Daylight Upon Magic)
7. Gregory Ackerman – When It’s Through (Brand New Life EP, Polymoon)
8. Bess Atwell – I’m Awake (Light Sleeper, Real Kind Records)
9. Memorial feat Molly Parden – Good Nature (Redsetter, Real Kind Records)
10. Wyatt C. Louis – There (Chandler, Royal Mountain Records)
11. Kim Richey – A Way Around (Every New Beginning, Yep Roc)
12. Lana Nauphal – One Is the Loneliest Dream (Wildland)
13. Steel Fringe – In My Head (Steel Fringe EP, Curation Records)
14. La Luz – Always in Love (News of the Universe, Sub Pop Records)
15. Sweet Megg – Bluer Than Blue (Bluer Than Blue, Turtle Bay Records)
16. Asher Kartman – Give Your Love To Me (single)
17. Wesley Fuller – Everything is Strange (All Fuller No Filler, Cheersquad Records & Tapes)
18. Bill MacKay – Radiator (Locust Land, Drag City)
19. BenBen feat Lily Desmond – Silver Thoughts (single, Perpetual Doom)
20. Marina Allen – Deep Fake (single, Fire Records)
21. Carson McHone – I Couldn’t Say It to Your Face (single, Merge Records)
22. Chelsea Rose – Icicles (single)
23. Leija Lautamaja feat Pekko Käppi – Sinun takiasi (Sydän tuli piilosta, Leija Organs Records)
24. Sonja Selene – Jos vain koskaan (single, Helmi Levyt)
25. Rosita Luu – Sadie Carter July (single, Playground)
26. Hullu Pappila – Sirkus (single, Humu Records)
27. Kari Tapiiri – Armas (single, Helmi Levyt)
28. Rättö & Lehtisalo – Aktiivielämä (single, Soit Se Silti)
29. Pelko – Ettei putoa (single, Pelkolevy)
30. Eidetic Dreams – The Sheets (single, All That Plazz)
31. Ville Rauhala – Movin’ Kind (single)
32. JP Harris – Beautiful World (single, Bloodshot Records)
33. Goodnight, Texas – The Ghost of DB Cooper (single)
34. Freeman DeJongh – Iowa (single, Curation Records)
35. Pete Posie – Livin’ High (single, Low Rent)
36. Marley Hale – Drunk On You (single,
37. Jesse Daniel – That’s My Kind of Country (single, Lightning Rod Records)
38. Kacie Hill – Jetstream (single)
39. Mr. Sam & The People People – Oh Me Oh My (single, Tape Dad / Gar Hole Records)
40. Anders Jörnesten – Loving Me Again (single)
41. Leif Vollebekk – Moondog (single, Secret City Records)
42. Duff Thompson – Swoop My Way (single)
43. Michael Bordelon – Warm Breeze (single, Partially Sealed)
44. West of Roan – The Bell (single, Spinster)
45. Sinai Vessel – Best Witness (single, Keeled Scales)
46. The Bird Calls – I Haven’t Been This Happy in a Long Time (single, Ruination Record Co)
47. Giant Day – We Were Friends (single, Elephant 6 Recording Co)
48. Joe Ghatt – Orange October (single, Third Eye Stimuli Records)
49. Great Earthquake – Trauma and Impact (single, Lost and Lonesome Recording Co)
50. Nightshift – Crystal Ball (single, Trouble in Mind Records)
51. The Bures Band – Green Town (single)
52. Jeffrey Silverstein – Headcleaner (single, Arrowhawk Records)
53. Joana Serrat – Sufferer (single, Great Canyon Records)
54. Kaspar – All I Believe (Calling the Waters, Soliti)
55. Micah Schnabel – Christian Band (The Clown Watches the Clock)
56. Tim Easton – Here For You (Find Your Way, Black Mesa Records)

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