OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #282

Another very quick somewhat delayed new music weekly.

A big week though, because one of my absolute favorite songwriters in the world has a new album out and available. I’m talking about Anna Tivel and her great new album is the album of the week. We also have great new records from Luka Kuplowsky, The Bird Calls, Noelle & The Deserters, Joshua Quimby, Leon Majcen, St. Yuma, Curtis McMurtry, King Hannah, Camille Thornton, Maya Hawke, Sofia Wolfson, Amery, Swamp Dogg, Buffalo Tom, Wyndham Baird, Caleb McCoach and everyone I managed to miss.

The Finnish part of this has a new albums from Jukka Nissinen and Inariveljet plus an EP from Julian Lahdesmaki. There’s also some awesome new singles from Iron Country Sisters, Susanna Leppänen, Bad Sauna, Joonas Hauveli, Ahti Kulo, FER, Pambikallio and The Southgates.

Melissa Carper and Caleb Caudle can share the international single of the week honors. Other early faves came from Eamon Fogarty, Gabriel Birnbaum, MAITA, Anna St. Louis and American Aquarium. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters more than you know. Back next week with another of these. I guess. I’m not 100% sure if I have time to make this, but i’ll try. Until then love etc.

1. Anna Tivel – Kindness of a Liar (Living Thing, Fluff and Gravy Records)
2. The Bird Calls – Old Folks (Old Faithful, Ruination Record Co)
3. Luka Kuplowsky – Dreaming of Li Bai (Du Fu) (How Can I Possibly Sleep When There’s Music, Next Door Records)
4. Noelle & The Deserters – A Way Back (High Desert Daydream, Speakeasy Studios SF)
5. Joshua Quimby – Back Home (Back Home)
6. Leon Majcen – Blue Sky (Leon Majcen, Cloverdale Records)
7. Caleb McCoach – Burn Your Candle at Both Ends (All Roads Lead Home)
8. Curtis McMurtry – Be Grateful (The Pollen & The Rot)
9. St. Yuma – Low Hum (Country Sleight of Hand, Quietly Records)
10. King Hannah – John Prine on the Radio (Big Swimmer, City Slang)
11. Camille Thornton – Doubt is Devil (Something True)
12. Maya Hawke – Promise (Chaos Angel, Mom+Pop)
13. Sofia Wolfson – Half Heart (Imposing on a Hometown)
14. Amery – Spirit is Broken (Continue as Amery, Night School)
15. Buffalo Tom – Pine for You (Jump Rope, Scrawny Records)
16. Swamp Dogg – Curtains on the Window (Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th Street, Oh Boy Records)
17. Wyndham Baird – The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore (After the Morning, Jalopy Records)
18. Melissa Carper – Born in Ya (single, Mae Music / Thirty Tigers)
19. Caleb Caudle feat John Paul White – Sweet Critters (single, Missing Piece Records)
20. Iron Country Sisters – Judith (single, Soit Se Silti)
21. Julian Lahdesmaki – Part Three (Young Jupiter EP, Soit Se Silti)
22. The Southgates – London Time (single, Valassaaret)
23. Bad Sauna – Seinät kaaaaatuuu (single, All That Plazz)
24. Jukka Nissinen – Leikkijeesus (Jukka Nissinen IV, Humu Records / Hillotehdas)
25. Inariveljet – Tee hautani pian (Eeppiset pajot, Helmi Levyt)
26. Joonas Hauveli – Mustaa (single, Helmi Levyt)
27. Susanna Leppänen – Hyvä on olla (single, Panama-levyt)
28. Ahti Kulo – Kesäkaveri (single)
29. Pambikallio – Dekadentti (single, Helmi Levyt)
30. FER – Away From Me (single, JM Records)
31. Nick Delffs – Transformation (single, Mama Bird Recording Co)
32. Eamon Fogarty – Junk Mail (single, Orphean Kiosk Recordings)
33. Gabriel Birnbaum – A Feeling Unbroken (single, Western Vinyl)
34. MAITA – I used to feel different (single, Fluff and Gravy Records(
35. American Aquarium – Cherokee Purples (single, Losing Side Records / Thirty Tigers)
36. Julian Taylor – Running Away (single, Howling Turtle)
37. The Felice Brothers – Flowers By The Roadside (single, Million Stars)
38. Anna St. Louis – Farther Away (single, Woodsist)
39. Donald Beaman – Old Universe (single, Royal Oakie Records)
40. M G Boulter feat Jenny Sturgeon – Talk to Me of Water (single, Hudson Records)
41. Margaux – What Could I Say (single, Massif Records)
42. Ben Seratan – Bend (single, Tiny Engines)
43. Chris Cohen – Sunever (single, Hardly Art)
44. Maya De Vitry – Compass (single, Mad Maker Studio)
45. Jen Cloher – Annabelle (single)
46. Pat Hull – Take It Low (single, Only One On the Mountain)
47. Erin Enderlin feat Cliff & Susan – Last Call (single, Black Crow Productions)
48. Pete Posie – I Don’t Mind (single, Low Rent)
49. Reece Sullivan – All Out of My Hands (single)
50. Floating Action – Say the Name (single, Airloom)
51. Danny Paul Grody feat Rich Douthit – Hawk Hill (single, Three Lobed Recordings)
52. The Pearlfishers – Kisses on the Window (Making Tapes for Girls, Marina Records)
53. Adam Ross – I Get It Wrong (Littoral Zone, Fika Recordings)
54. Yea-Ming and the Rumours – How Can I Leave (I Can’t Have It All, Dandy Boy Records)
55. Leija Lautamaja – Jos jos (Sydän tuli piilosta, Leija Organs Records)

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