OCTA New Music Weekly – Episode #283

Another quick delayed new music weekly. Just got back home late Sunday evening from a small vacation trip to Mariehamn. I’m sure there’s stuff missing from this, but here we go anyway.

There’s new albums from Strand of Oaks, Jesse Daniel, Bonny Light Horseman, Marina Allen, M G Boulter, Margaux, Pat Hull, Little Wings, Jason McNiff, Gill Landry, Nick Dittmeier (EP), Joana Serrat, Fantastic Cat, Pedro the Lion, Good Looks, Rose Hotel, Razor Braids and Kayla Ray.

The big one from Finland is the wonderful debut album by Ystävät. Then there’s also great albums from Folkjykä & Kuntoutujat, Vellamo and Mara Balls plus singles from Hattara, Pekka Laine, The Orphan, Messier, Rosettes, Arppa, Bizzarro & Jere Ijäs, Lempi Elo and Jukka Takalo.

A whole lot of awesome international singles too. I haven’t spend a lot time with them yet, but some early faves came from Erin Rae, VanWyck, Quivers, Laughing, The While and The Broken Spokes. Again just to name a few.

That’s all for now. Like, share, follow and all the usual promotional nonsense. It all matters. Back next week. Love and everything.

1. Strand of Oaks – Communication (Miracle Focus, Western Vinyl)
2. Jesse Daniel – When Your Tomorrow’s in the Past (Countin’ The Miles, Lightning Rod Records)
3. Bonny Light Horseman – Tumblin Down (Keep Me On Your Mind / See You Free, Jagjaguwar)
4. Marina Allen – Bad Eye Opal (Eight Pointed Star, Fire Records)
5. Margaux – Midnight Contact (Inside the Marble, Massif Records)
6. M G Boulter – City Map (Days of Shaking, Hudson Records)
7. Little Wings – Handful of Earth (High on the Glade)
8. Pat Hull – Cauliflower Ears (Madrona, Only One on the Mountain)
9. Jason McNiff – No Good For You (Everything’s a Song, Tombola Records)
10. Fantastic Cat – Later On (Now That’s What I Call Fantastic Cat, Missing Piece Records)
11. Pedro the Lion – Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, Big Scary Monsters)
12. Good Looks – Vaughn (Lived Here For a While, Keeled Scales)
13. Razor Braids – She (Big Wave)
14. Joana Serrat – Freewheel (Big Wave, Great Canyon Records)
15. Rose Hotel – King and a Pawn (A Pawn Surrender, Strolling Bones Records)
16. Nick Dittmeier – Running Away (Fast Fashion EP, sonaBLAST! Records)
17. Gill Landry – When I Get There (Cinnamon Canyon Blues, Rubber Tramp Records)
18. Kayla Ray – My Ever-Loving Mind (The World’s Weight, Real AF Records / Average Joes Entertainment)
19. Erin Rae – On Her Side (single)
20. VanWyck – Towards the Sun (single, Maiden Name Records)
21. Ystävät – Merihaka (Ystävät, KHY Suomen Musiikki)
22. Arppa – Kerran Turussa (single, Johanna Kustannus)
23. Folkjykä & Kuntoutujat – Jos toivoa saa (Rakkaus löytää meidät)
24. Bizzarro & Jere Ijäs – Katsoimme silmiin (single, Puuma Records)
25. Vellamo – Pikaruokaa ja rakkautta (Pikaruokaa ja rakkautta)
26. Mara Balls – Sylikkäin (Virtaa, Stupido Records)
27. Messier – Can I Pet Your Face? (single)
28. The Orphan – Louie Louie (single, Kynsinauhat)
29. Rosettes – Souvenir (single, Timmion Records)
30. Pekka Laine – Malibu Beach (single, Svart Records)
31. Hattara – Vika biisi (single, Cotton Candy Company)
32. Lempi Elo – Jos et osaa soutaa (single, Eclipse)
33. Jukka Takalo – Ding Dong (single, Valassaaret)
34. Quivers – Oyster Cuts (single, Merge Records)
35. Laughing – Garden Path (single, Meritorio Records)
36. The While – Crispy Blue (single)
37. Alfie Firmin – Make It Right (single, An Onionheads Production)
38. Icarus Phoenix feat Teleprom – Painting (single)
39. wilder Thing – I’m Done Falling Over You (single, Repeating Cloud)
40. Lou Hazel – Carolina (Out of My Mind) (single)
41. JP Harris – Old Fox (single, Bloodshot Records)
42. Ben Arsenault – Make Way For This Heartache (single)
43. The Broken Spokes – Blue Eyes (single)
44. Cristina Vane – You Ain’t Special (single, Blue Tip Records)
45. Bella White – Concrete and Barbed Wire (single, Rounder Records)
46. Alice Wallace – Bonfire (single, Mule Kick Records)
47. Kiely Connell – Through To You (single, Calumet Queen / Thirty Tigers)
48. Kaitlin Butts feat Vince Gill – Come Rest Your Head (single, Soundly)
49. Fleur Wiber feat Matt Joe Gow – Free to Ride (single, Checked Label Services)
50. Margo Price feat Mike Campbell – Ways to Be Wicked (single)
51. LadyCouch – Dreams of a Working Man (single, SSK Records)
52. Aaron Frazer feat Cancamusa – Dime (single, Dead Oceans)
53. The War and Treaty – Called You By Your Name (single, A Mercury Nashville)
54. Wila Frank – In My Soul (single)
55. Theo Lawrence – Come Home To Your Man (single, Tomika Records / Modulor)
56. Lance Howell – Black Leather (single)
57. Pleasure Horse – Still Getting Over You (single)
58. Amy Annelle feat Jolie Holland – Pull Tabs and Broken Glass (single, High Plains Sigh)
59. Anna Tivel – Altogether Alone (Living Thing, Fluff and Gravy Records)
60. The Bird Calls – Faith People (Old Faithful, Ruination Record Co)

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