Delay Trees – Brightest Eyes (single/video)


I bet you didn’t expect to find Finnish pop music when you came to this website, but here it is and it’s rather spectacular as well. The new Delay Trees album Let Go is coming out in 2017 on Soliti Music, but the first single and outtake from the forthcoming album is already out, available and ready to drop into your heart. The song is called Brightest Eyes and it sounds mighty good.

Delay Trees Website

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Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster & Wesley Randolph Eader



I’ve written about the new Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster album Constant Stranger and about the new Wesley Randolph Eader album Highway Winds, but further praise is in order. I continuosly keep on returning to these songs and therefore I have to share them. First the The Dirt, the Bells and I that is a perfect ending to Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster’s awesome record and after that Wesley Randolph Eader and Waitin’s What We Do. Both incredible songs from wonderful albums.

Water Liars (Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster’s band) at Facebook

Wesley Randolph Eader Website

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Jack Grelle – Got Dressed Up to Be Let Down


One more small blurb about great American songwriting for tonight, because I don’t know will I have any energy to write this during the weekdays. St.Louis-based Country / Americana songwriter Jack Grelle is someone that I actually just found last summer and his 2014 album Steering Me Away kept me company on my way to work and back several times back then. So I’m a very new fan, but I’m getting more and more hooked into his words and melodies as the days fly by. His new album Got Dressed Up to Be Let Down came out 28th of October on Big Muddy Recordings and I’m very fond of it. Here are the opening track Heart’s For Mine and the title track from the fabulous new Jack Grelle album.

Jack Grelle Website

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Courtney Marie Andrews – How Quickly Your Heart Mends (video)


I really love the new Courtney Marie Andrews album Honest Life. Definitely an album of the year contender. Only thing left to decide is which year. In the US it came out couple of months ago on Mama Bird Recording Co, but the UK/Europe release will be on Loose Music in January 2017. Damn these different release dates even though I’m sure there are some very understandable reasons behind them. Anyway, the album is brilliant and a huge favourite of mine. There’s also a brand new video for the song How Quickly Your Heart Mends. Watch that below and after that I also highly recommend checking out this recent KEXP Session.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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