Shotgun Jimmie – Field Of Trampolines


It looks like we’ve again reached that time of the year when one can only see the daylight through a factory window. It’s dark when you go to work and it’s even darker when you get back home. So as an addition to overdose of vitamin D pills, I’m gonna need a hefty dose of bright and refreshing indie rock to keep my spirit up. Thankfully I remembered that I still haven’t bought the latest Shotgun Jimmie album Field Of Trampolines and I finally did that last night. It came out very early in the year on the always great Canadian label You’ve Changed Records and as expected it’s a damn good way to fight the darkness. Catchy melodies, witty lyrics and a whole lot of fun. Might well be the best album this fine gentleman has released. Difficult to understand why the hell didn’t I purchase this instantly when it came out, but better late than never and all the other cliches. Here’s a couple of great ones from the album.

Shotgun Jimmie Website

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Aaron Lee Tasjan – Silver Tears


Aaron Lee Tasjan – Silver Tears (New West Records, 2016)

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this one. The first outtake Little Movies dropped me on my knees a few months ago and because I wasn’t able to get up, I’ve spent the past weeks mostly looking up to the sky waiting for the cosmic ALT cowboy to come and pick me up with his new album Silver Tears. The day arrived last Friday 28th of October when the new Aaron Lee Tasjan album came out on New West Records. The vinyl didn’t arrive to the local store in time, so I only have this spotify thingy for the time being, but I’m already so loving this album. Americana, country, rock’n’roll & blues, but also Beatles and Randy too. Sure might almost feel like a mess, but if that’s the case then damn if it isn’t the sweetest kind of mess I can think of and a beautiful monster of an album. Works wonderfully from first chord to last word. Well done Aaron.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website

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Itä-Hollola Installaatio – Tyttöystävä (single)


I don’t even seem to have enough time to listen to music let alone write about it. Well other than this short midnight entry about Itä-Hollola Installaatio, because I freaking love this so much. New single Tyttöystävä is out now on Sound Of Finland. You can hear that beauty on any of those stream thingies. It’s damn good and some of the other stuff that is on Youtube and Bandcamp is even better. Whether it’s the band or Robert Ensio Niemistö solo, it’s all so good. Why the hell it took me so long to start listening to this kid? The man is like a genius.


Itä-Hollola Installaatio at Facebook

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