Sunny War, Nickel & Rose, LeAnna Eden and War & Pierce

My words aren’t strong enough, so these powerful songs and amazing people can do the talking. Black Lives Matter.

First up is the wonderful Sunny War from Los Angeles. I’m Human is an outtake from her 2018 album With the Sun. I also highly recommend the 2019 album Shell of a Girl or well everything that she has done.

Sunny War at Facebook

Moving on to Milwaukee to hear the single Another Man from Nickel & Rose. They are currently donating all the funds from the single to Milwaukee Freedom Fund, so why not grab a copy from Bandcamp.

NIckel & Rose at Facebook
Nickel & Rose Website

Next to Knoxville, Tennessee for LeAnna Eden’s Protest Song. I’ve shared a few of her songs over the years, but probably not this one. It first appeared in 2016 as single / music video and a revisited version can be found from her 2019 album Ease Your Soul, Chapman.

LeAnna Eden at Facebook

Let’s go back to where we started. Los Angeles and Sunny War. This time accompanied with Chris Pierce and together they are War & Pierce. Amen is their brand new single, but I also included the 2016 song On and On, because the song and the video is important.


War & Pierce Website
War & Pierce at Facebook

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Terry’s Paradise and Via Mardot

Just a quick double EP feature tonight, because I need some sleep. First some postmodern doo-wop from Portland, Oregon. Shoobeedoo High, Shoobeedoo Low pt. 1 is the debut EP from Terry’s Paradise and it was produced by Karl Blau. It’s a mighty good EP as a whole and then there’s the lead song Full Moon that is just utterly brilliant. There’s also zero need to be doo-wop or 50s rock enthusiast to love this. Just listen and it will all make perfect sense.

Terry’s Paradise Website
Terry’s Paradise at Facebook

Next something quite different, but equally wonderful. Michigan-based Via Mardot led by Olivia Mainville released their self-titled EP on the 25th of February. A bit of classic vibes here too, but instead of doo-wop this takes influence from 60s french pop and spaghetti westerns. Here’s the gorgeous opening track Stand. Listen to / buy the whole EP from their Bandcamp.

Via Mardot at Facebook

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Mark Fredson, Bart and Joel Henry Little

Continuing with these short round up posts. This time we start in Nashville with this blissfully weird pop triumph Going to the Movies from songwriter Mark Fredson. 70s soft rock and 80s pop vibes for the modern times, but despite all the nostalgia it’s not stuck in the past and feels like the perfect record for the summer of 2020. I think this is about an inch away of being something that I would absolutely hate, but here I am loving every second of it. Sometimes it’s good to be on the edge. What a great pop record.

Mark Fredson at Facebook
Mark Fredson Website

And speaking of perfect pop songs. How about the new Bart single Used To Be that came out on Idee Fixe Records on the 1st of May. Such a wonderfully arranged pop gem from the Canadian masters. If you like the song, make sure you check out their excellent 2019 album Today, Tomorrow, & The Next Day.

Bart at Facebook

The last station for this many shades of pop tour is New York City. Joel Henry Little released his new album Ephphatha! on the 13th of March and it’s again a really beautiful collection where chamber folk and classic pop meets Broadway musicals. Here’s my own favourite Don’t Call Me Lady (Agnes’ Jeremiad) from the new album. Listen to / buy the whole gorgeous album on his Bandcamp.

Joel Henry Little at Facebook

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Christian Lee Hutson, Jack Grelle and Mr. Alec Bowman

Hey there’s a new Christian Lee Hutson album Beginners coming out next Friday on the ANTI- Records. This would be a parade-worthy event, but let’s settle for a dance around the apartment under these circumstances. Here’s the latest singles that you can use as the soundtrack for counting the days until the release.

Christian Lee Hutson Website
Christian Lee Hutson at Facebook

Then a couple of great ones that are already out and available. First over to St. Louis, Missouri for the new album If Not Forever from country singer-songwriter Jack Grelle. The song To Be That Someone is my own favorite of this awesome record and Matt Amato directed a really sweet music video for it. Check it out below along with another album cut from the record and then hit the links on the Bandcamp player if/when you are hungry for more.


Jack Grelle at Facebook
Jack Grelle Website

Wrapping this blog entry in the UK with a couple of songs from the excellent new Mr. Alec Bowman album I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot. The album was produced by Josienne Clarke who made one of my favorite albums of 2019. This one has honest, fragile power that will stay with you long after the final note has drifted into the air. Sometimes reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, always captivating and compelling. Here’s A Ditch Worth Dying For from the album along with a video of another album cut Long Goodbyes. You’ll find a couple of more professional videos from his youtube channel, but I went with this one on this blog post because I love the song and there’s something really sweet about this outdoor video.

Mr. Alec Bowman Website

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