Dakota Theim, Mo Troper, Witch’s Wall and Untogethers

Over the years this blog has drifted towards roots-ier surroundings, but every now and then it’s good to go back to the actual roots of the blog and share a couple of fabulous pop songs. This little blog entry is heavily influenced by the new Dakota Theim album Somewhere Under the Sun, which came out on the 10th of January. I just found this Portland-based songwriter and his album last Friday thanks to American Standard Time. Read their long and detailed review here to get a better grip of why you should introduce your heart to these songs or just hit play below to hear a couple of melodic and catchy pop treasures. This is such a wonderful 60s / early 70s influenced pop album and I love every second of it.

Dakota Theim at Facebook
Dakota Theim Website

Another should-be hit record from Portland is the forthcoming Mo Troper album Natural Beauty that is due out on Tender Loving Empire on the 14th of February. The previous one Exposure & Response was one of the best power pop albums I’ve heard in recent years, so I have high expectations for this one. I think I already shared Jas from Australia in the latter parts of 2019, so let’s drop the other two singles here.

Mo Troper at Facebook

Witch’s Wall are from Birmingham, Alabama and they have a self-titled debut album coming out on the 3rd of April on Cornelius Chapel Records. I don’t know a whole lot about them yet, but I do know that this first single Lady Love is rather superb and comes also in form of a beautiful nostalgic video. I look forward to hearing their blend of dreamy pop, experimental rock and psychedelic vibes when the album arrives.

Witch’s Wall at Facebook

Last stop on this pop tour tonight is Tampere, Finland and the great new single The Peasant from Untogethers. A full-length album will follow in March on Iso Pinkki, but first we can enjoy this gorgeous 60s influenced pop song along with archive footage of Finnish lumberjacks doing some log racing back in the late 40s.

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Drive-By Truckers, Lilly Hiatt, Tré Burt and Possessed by Paul James

Continuing with the quick round up posts. This time some advance singles and music videos from forthcoming 2020 albums. The new Drive-By Truckers album The Unraveling is due out this Friday 31st of January on ATO Records. Both advance singles have been really great and I can’t wait to hear this one. The latest one Thoughts and Prayers is a powerful and important song about gun violence & gun control and the failure to address the issue in a meaningful and concrete manner. Thoughts and prayers don’t cut it anymore. It never did.

Drive-By Truckers Website
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There’s also a new Lilly Hiatt album on the horizon. We still have to wait a little while for this one, because Walking Proof is out on the 27th of March on New West Records. There’s a lot of good ways to pass that time. Like blasting this fabulous first single Brightest Star on repeat as long and as loud as you can without causing a distress among the neigbours. This is going to be a damn good album.

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Lilly Hiatt Website

Another beauty that comes out this Friday is the Tré Burt album Caught It From the Rye that will be released by John Prine’s label Oh Boy Records. This Sacramento, CA-based songwriter self-released the album back in 2018, so people in the know might have heard it back then. I’m grateful for the re-release, because based on the two singles this is going to be a rather special one and deserves a wider audience. Watch the videos below and then carry on setting a camp outside the record store.

Tré Burt Website
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This Friday is shaping up to be a brilliant release date. Possessed by Paul James aka songwriter Konrad Wert is also releasing a great new record As We Go Wandering on the 31st of January. I first got to know him from the 2008 movie The Folk Singer: A Tale of Men, Music & America over a decade ago and have been a fan ever since. There’s a couple of advance singles available (you’ve already heard them, if you follow the weekly playlist. Like everything else on this post too). When It Breaks is a beautiful new rendition of an older PPJ song and then there’s this powerful and important first single Be at Rest.

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Hello Emerson, The Innocence Mission, Liila Jokelin and Laura Moisio

A quick post of few things I’ve loved madly during the recent weeks. Beginning with a new favorite Hello Emerson from Columbus, Ohio. I just recently discovered them, because one of my favorite labels Anyway Records released their new album How to Cook Everything in the states. It’s on K&F Records here in Europe. My addiction started with this beautiful and moving story song Seat16b. A really lovely Kylli-täti kinda video too (only Finns know that reference). The whole record is equally great and just came out on the 24th of January.

Hello Emerson Website
Hello Emerson at Facebook

The Innocence Mission from Lancaster, Pennsylvania has released wonderful music since 1989. Their new album See You Tomorrow came out on Bella Union on the 17th of January and it sets the bar really high for 2020. The opening trio The Brothers Williams Said, On Your Side and Movie is just oh wow and the magic stays with you throughout the heavenly beautiful record.

The Innocence Mission Website
The Innocence Mission at Facebook

The debut album by Finnish songwriter Liila Jokelin sneaked into my 2019 top 3 during the last month of the year. It didn’t get a whole lot of recognition on this blog though due to the late release date at the end of November. I don’t think I ever even shared this gorgeous music video for album cut Sateet tuovat terveisensä. So let’s take care of that now and further recommend her great album Kaamos on huono esileikki that came out on Helmi Levyt. Such a strong and unique record that doesn’t play it safe. Beautiful, dramatic, disturbing and never ever boring.

Liila Jokelin at Facebook

The song I’ve loved the most during this first month of 2020 is the new Laura Moisio single Kaukana onnesta. It’s poignant, quietly monumental and deeply moving. A song that maybe resonates with me more than I’m comfortable to admit, because I’m not always the most optimistic type. Therefore this devastatingly beautiful song also serves as a good reminder to not let things slide out of my control. And despite the almost overwhelming sadness, the song is still somehow comforting and instead of dragging me down, it is able to fill my heart with warmth and light. Her new album is coming out on the 6th of March on Texicalli Records. I can’t wait to hear it, because the two advance singles have been pure gold.

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Laura Moisio Website

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