The Satelliters

The Satelliters is a german band who is stuck in the 60’s. But in a good way. It’s a band that I’ve known for a couple of years, but I still haven’t bought their records. However, every now and then I go their myspace to check out is there something new going on. This is what I did tonight and found this promo video of their upcoming 7″ single Lost In Time. I loved it so I thought I share it with you. Sounds more like an outtake from Nuggets box set than a new song doesn’t it. A good garage rock blast from the past. Eventhough it’s not the past. It’s actually the present.

The Satelliters Website

The Satelliters at myspace

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I’ve been busy lately, but then I heard something that stopped time and I needed to write a quick blog entry.

Haruko: Goodbye My Love, Goodbye

That’s just breathtaking. Breathtakingly beautiful. Album coming out soon on the great Bracken Records (who also released that Ilona V single some time ago).

You can find more of these perfect folk songs on her myspace. The songs there are actually even greater than that video above.

Haruko at myspace

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Emitt Rhodes


Just before hitting the sack, myspace alerted me with a friend request from Emitt Rhodes Band. It appears to be that Emitt Rhodes is back in the studio making new  music. Other big news is that there is also a documentary coming out and last but not least. Universal is planning to release a four cd box set of Emitt’s solo albums. Now that would be worth of one of those imaginary culture awards. Emitt was a truly magnificent pop songwriter (often compared to Paul McCartney) in the early seventies and especially his self-titled album is a true classic.  Unfortunately most of his records are nowadays out of print. Is there anything other available than Rev-Ola’s The Merry-Go-Round best of that has The American Dream as a bonus (The Merry-Go-Round was Emitt’s band before solo career. That is excellent stuff as well). Therefore it has been a struggle to get hold  of these masterpieces. I’m actually still missing the Farewell To Paradise album. I sincerely hope that plans of the box set are true and some myspace geek isn’t just winding me up. It would be about time to let newer pop generations learn the greatness of Emitt Rhodes.

The Emitt Rhodes Band at myspace

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