Eden Prairie – Didn’t It Rain (single)

Some Finnish alt.country and folk rock this time around. Well actually the lead singer Peter Tierney is a British Finn originally from Wolverhampton who has also worked as a legal aid for death row convicts in New Orleans. So looks like the background check for a country singer will be passed with good marks. The band was actually formed a day after Richmond Fontaine’s concert in Helsinki, so that’s another one to the plus column. However, these fun facts wouldn’t carry that much weight, if the music itself wasn’t any good. There’s no worries though, because this new single Didn’t It Rain is rather excellent. They also released a pretty damn good album Stories from the Foot of the Mountain late last year. So check that out too, if you fall in love with the folk rock storytelling of Didn’t It Rain.

Eden Prairie Website

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Dogwood Tales – Too Hard To Tell

Dogwood Tales are Kyle Grim and Ben Ryan from Harrisburg, Virginia and their debut album Too Hard To Tell came out in February on Crystal Pistol Records. They recorded it live to 2-inch analogue tape and the album sounds warm and delicate. The whole thing is gorgeous, but I’m especially fond of the opening song Living In a Shadow and the final song Spiritless Machine. I just love the singing on the album. Both the beautiful lead vocals and the delicate harmonies. You can hear and almost feel their presence when listening with headphones. It’s like Quiet is the New Loud all over again, but this time from a country angle.

Dogwood Tales at Facebook

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American Aquarium – The World Is On Fire (song/video)

This song The World Is On Fire has been a huge favourite of mine lately. It’s an outtake from the forthcoming American Aquarium album Things Change that is due out 1st of June on New West Records. Especially that last line of the chorus We must go boldly into the darkness and be the light is powerful and inspiring and manages to find the positive, hopeful side of the current world events and further encourage it. People being the light, spreading love and standing up against the lack of compassion and empathy. We can’t give up. Eventually love will win.

American Aquarium Website

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Michael Feuerstack – Love Is All Around (video)

New Michael Feuerstack album Natural Weather will be released this Friday (25/5/2018) on Forward Music Group. I can’t wait to hear it on the day of the release, because the first three outtakes have all been wonderful. The latest song to surface is Love Is All Around and oh my. This song. Everything about this song. I hit a bit of rough patch a while back and warmhearted songs like these are carrying me out from that self-implemented misery. This is such a brilliant and powerful song and this gorgeous animated video by Jon Claytor lovingly captures the simple, but deep beauty of the song. The combination of the song and video is just pure magic.

Oh and you must hear this one as well. Jerome & I is another amazing outtake from the forthcoming album Natural Weather. Hit the link on that Bandcamp player to go to the pre-order page.

Michael Feuerstack Website

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Buffalo Gospel – On The First Bell

Milwaukee’s country/americana band Buffalo Gospel is a big personal favourite. The debut album We Can Be Horses and the EP Waiting For The Lights To Go Out are both really dear to me and even though I’m contanstly searching for new music, those two have stayed in the rotation since they were released. Therefore one of my most anticipated 2018 releases was the new Buffalo Gospel album On The First Bell that came out on the 4th of May.

On The First Bell is a really heartwrenching album written in the aftermath of a divorce and a loss of a dear friend. The deep pain and darkness gently collides with warm and comforting country sounds and the end result is a powerful album that is far more likely to heal me than break me. Ryan Necci is a wonderful songwriter and one of the unsung country heroes. He has a voice that resonates with me and his songs cut right through to the core of my vulnerable being and hold me until the night turns into a day. This is High Time To Hang Fire from the new album.

And I also have to use this opportunity to share a couple of back catalogue songs that show slightly different sides of the band, because I love everything they’ve done. So start with the new one and work your back into these great things.

Buffalo Gospel at Website

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Lilly Hiatt – Records (video)

There’s a lot of great 2018 releases that I’ve failed to feature, but first I have to take a small step back to one of the finest records of 2017. Lilly Hiatt’s Trinity Lane is a wonderful album and there’s now a new music video for the song Records. I love that song and I dig this small budget video too. After all, browsing LPs in a record store is a perfect way to spend time and there’s also a small cameo from the always adorable Poppy. What’s not to love. Lilly Hiatt is actually on tour in Sweden right now, so if pesky things like day job or school aren’t in the way, hop on a boat or plane and travel to Sweden.

Lilly Hiatt Website

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