Charlie Marie, Katie Jo, Melissa Carper and Croy and The Boys

Another one of these small round up of songs / albums / videos I’ve loved during the recent months. Kicking off with the brand new Charlie Marie album Ramble On that came out on the 7th of May. I loved the self-titled EP few years back and have been eager to hear more from this country songwriter. The new album doesn’t disappoint and it’s one of my favorite country records of the year. Here’s a couple of personal favorites favorites from the album. There’s more music videos on youtube and you can of course hear/listen the whole thing on her Bandcamp.

Charlie Marie Website
Charlie Marie at Facebook

Katie Jo from California (via Wichita) is a new favorite and I didn’t know her until the advance singles of her 2021 album Pawn Shop Queen started to hit the core of my heart. It came out on the 9th of April and have since been on heavy rotation. My own favorite is I Don’t Know Where Your Heart’s Been and highly recommend checking out the song and the gorgeous music video Drey Jordan Singer made for it. And if you like what you hear, check out her Bandcamp to listen and buy the whole beautiful album.

Katie Jo Website
Katie Jo at Facebook

Speaking of perfect country records, perhaps it’s time for a small revisit to Melissa Carper’s old-fashioned future classic Daddy’s Country Gold. I’ve mentioned it a few times here and there, but another reminder is in order because it’s one of the albums I’ve loved the most during the first half of 2021. Here’s one of my many favorites along with a video from the always great Western AF.

Melissa Carper Website
Melissa Carper at Facebook

Let’s wrap this little blog entry with some cover magic from Croy and The Boys. If you have ever wanted to hear how anarcho punk and country music work together, check out this marvellous Crass cover of Do They Owe Us A Living?. And well if you want to hear more of their punk covers, listen to / buy the full EP of punk covers on their Bandcamp page.

Croy and the Boys Website
Croy and the Boys at Facebook

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Icarus Phoenix, Quivers and John Andrews & The Yawns

I’ve been meaning to share the video of the song Cassie Knows, or How a shy person says I love you by Icarus Phoenix for a long time, but my blogging activity has been next to none. Tonight I saw the new video for the Iron Man and his Demons, for Striker and after shedding the tears, I knew I had to finally break out from the blogging slump and share songs and videos from this beautiful record.

Icarus Phoenix is a new project my long time blog favorite Drew Danburry. He originally released the Icarus Phoenix album last year on cassette, but in april 2021 he also made it available digitally. He is also making these beautiful hand-drawn time lapse music videos. It must take a long time to make them, but they are worth the effort. Here’s the two I mentioned above, but you’ll find more from his youtube. And if you like them, buy the cassette or download from Telos Tapes Bandcamp.

Drew Danburry at Youtube

Next up is my favorite Tasmanian pop group Quivers. Actually I think they are located in Melbourne these days, but what actually matters is that they are a great band. I fell in love madly when I heard the song Pigeons few years back. In between now and then they released their debut record and covered the entire Out Of Time album by R.E.M. Both are highly recommended if you missed them. At this moment in time they are getting ready to release their new record Golden Doubt. They seem to be on an upward trajectory, because the new one will be co-released by such cool labels as Ba Da Bing!, Bobo Integral and Spunk. The two singles that are out and available are both absolutely wonderful.

Quivers at Facebook
Quivers Website

Let’s wrap this one with a song or two from the forthcoming John Andrews & The Yawns album. Cookbook is out next week on Woodsist and all the singles have been pure gold. This River of Doubt video makes me smile every time. There’s live music, pond hockey and cats, so how could I not love it wholeheartedly.

John Andrews & The Yawns at Facebook

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Jesse Aycock, Kelly Sloan, Evan Cheadle and Joe Bourdet

My blogging activity outside the weekly round-up and playlist has been next to none for various of reasons. That probably remains the case for the foreseeable future, but I try to make a couple of quick posts to share some songs / albums / videos that I’ve loved during the recent months. Starting from Tulsa, Oklahoma with a long-waited new solo album from Jesse Aycock. After excellent Flowers & Wounds (2014), he has been a member of Hard Working Americans and a trusted sideman for other excellent artists. Now he is back with a gorgeous solo album that ranges from mellow folk rock balladry to catchy (should be) rock hits with a fair amount of pop sensibility. What a beautiful record.

Moving on to Canada for the latest single Tangled from singer-songwriter Kelly Sloan. Two songs out so far and both are pure gold. I can’t wait to hear more from her and hopefully there’s a full album on the horizon, because it sure sounds like Kelly Sloan and producer Jeff McMurrich are on to something magical.

Kelly Sloan Website
Kelly Sloan at Facebook

Speaking of timeless future treasures. Long time favorite Evan Cheadle from Victoria, British Columbia is about to release a new album Fault Line Serenade on the 11th of June. There’s a couple of great singles out there already. The latest one First Morning Light just surfaced in the form of a beautiful animated music video. Rest a while on its gentle sway and then hit that pre-order button on Bandcamp.

Evan Cheadle Website
Evan Cheadle at Facebook

More reasons to set a camp outside a record store or do a pre-order at Bandcamp. I was thrilled to hear that Joe Bourdet is finally releasing a full album (thanks to Lara from the excellent Petal Motel blog to first breaking the news). I loved Joe’s Seamist / El Capitan single a few years back and shared it on this blog too. If you are into 70s folk rock and california sounds, you are going to love this one. Not that I’ve heard the whole thing, but I know it’s going to be a great one. I recently shared the opening song on the playlist, so here’s the other beauty that is already available on Bandcamp. It’s called Call You Friend and I love it to bits.

Joe Bourdet Website
Joe Bourdet at Facebook

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