Yesterday’s news: Koria Kitten Riot, Rosvot

There were some exciting news yesterday.


1. Koria Kitten Riot released a new single The Lovers That You’ve Never Had. This excellent Finnish band has been signed by Gaea Records and this single is their first release under Gaea. A new full-length album will be coming out early 2014. I have really high hopes for the album. I’ve been a fan of Antti Reikko both as a songwriter and as a singer (great voice) for several years. After the release of the previous album, Koria Kitten Riot has become a full band instead of a solo adventure. I’m quite confident that Koria Kitten Riot is going to reach even greater heights after this decision. Those songs, that voice and a band full of talented musicians. I don’t think they will be able to fuck this up even if they tried to. Here’s the first single, The Lovers That You’ve Never Had.

Koria Kitten Riot Website

2) A new Finnish music blog portal Rosvot collected several great Finnish blogs under the same roof. Including some of my own favourites like Slow Show, We Never Stood A Chance and Stop, Shake, Honey, Go. Highly recommended, because they’ve kept the blogs separate and individual. I think I would have absolutely hated it, if the bloggers had just started one massive blog. This way the blogs still remain unique and personal, which is the main thing for me. Too many people writing the same blog usually just makes it harder to learn things about the individual blogger and his/her taste in music (and how it matches my taste). So Rosvot has definitely done this joining forces thing the right way. More exposure for everyone without losing the personal touch of each participating blog. Well done.

Rosvot Website

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T. Hardy Morris, The Provincial Archive, Jeremy Squires

A quick post about three new songs that I’ve formed a relationship with.


First we have T. Hardy Morris from Athens, GA and his solo debut Audition Tapes. I got to admit that I didn’t know the man before yesterday. Then I heard the title track of the new album and instantly loved it. I have a lot to learn, because I don’t really know his bands Dead Confederate and Diamond Rugs either. I’m gonna start with this solo album that seems to be wonderful and something that I need to add into my collection. Audition Tapes came out on Dangerbird Records july 30th. Here’s a video of T.Hardy Morris playing Audition Tapes.

T. Hardy Morris Website


Moving on to another new song addiction and to Edmonton, Canada. The Provincial Archive is a band that I vaguely knew, but hadn’t really properly paid attention to them. This changed when the excellent Canadian music blog wrote about their new single Common Cards. Such a great song and currently I’m in the process of introducing my heart to their back catalogue that seems to be just as good. Here’s Common Cards.

The Provincial Archive Website


One Chord to Another favourite, North Carolinian singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires released a new song Open a few days ago. Jeremy added music to Lotte Kestner’s poem and again managed to create a magical piece of music. Jeremy’s new album When Will You Go will be released in October. It’s one of my most anticipated releases this fall. I’ve listened the earlier single Oblivious so many times that I’ve lost count. This is the new one Open.

Jeremy Squires Website

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