20 Favorite EPs of 2023

Year end routine continues with my favorite international EPs. Same story here. There’s some sort of vague order, but it’s kind of arbitrary. Might as well be alphabetical. Playlist on Tidal, Apple and Spotify. Bandcamp/youtube embeds only on top three, because the page slows down if there’s a million embeds. At least Finnish EPs still to come. We’ll see if I manage to do song lists.

Apple Playlist
Spotify Playlist
Tidal Playlist

20 Favorite EPs of 2023

20. Kendall Lujan – Kendall Lujan (American Standard Time Records)

19. Leeann Skoda, Sie Sie Benhoff, Dylan Rodrigue – Living Room Sessions

18. Corinne Sharlet – Belief and Imagination

17. Elijah Ocean – Rodeo Songs

16. Model Shop – Check the Forecast (Meritorio Records)

15. Maya De Vitry – Infinite (Mad Maker Studio)

14. Drew Beskin & The Sunshine – Garrett (Super Canoe)

13. Matthew McNeal – Love Was (Matte Black Sound Company)

12. Matt Moran – Oklahoma Vernacular

11. Dogwood Tales – Rodeo (WarHen Records)

10. Theo Lawrence – A Country Mile (Tomika / Modulor)

9. Hutchie – The Falcon Sessions

8. Reyes – Lay It All Down

7. Opal Eskar – Opal Eskar (Spiral Valley)

6. Emmett Morris – Emerald

5. Matt Paxton & The Pintos – Tornado (Down by the Point Records)

4. Little Mazarn – Honey Island General Store (Double Yolk Record House)

3. Mark Tegio – Marie

2. Nydia Gonzalez – Nydia Gonzalez

1. Lady Apple Tree – Lady Apple Tree

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100 Favorite Albums of 2023

It’s the time of the season. The year end routine starts with the albums of the year. A good year of music again and even though the list is ridiculously long, I still would have loved to be able to squeeze in another 50 or so. If you are not on this, it doesn’t mean I don’t like your album. There’s just a few hundred excellent albums out there and I listen to a lot of music. I did put the numbers there this time around, but it’s totally arbitrary. Music is love, not a competition. Maybe half a dozen at the top were somewhat obvious and my biggest favorites this year. After that it could have been alphabetical order just as well. I could move these albums up or down 30 spots and be just as happy with it. So the numbers are only there to give you a vague idea of what I loved the most, because everyone isn’t a music addict and willing to investigate 100 albums.

I left out a lot of the bigger names, because I just didn’t listen to them all that much. Some of them I know I would like, but there’s just not enough time for everything. So that’s why there’s some surprise absence of albums that most likely would be here if I had listened them enough. I still haven’t even really given a proper spin even to that Sufjan Stevens albums and I know I’m going to love it. Tyler Childers was a tricky one too, because there’s a couple of songs that I really love, but it almost felt like an EP with some covers and fairly short length. So yeah love parts of that for sure, but I think he will be alright even if I don’t include it. Many others would fall into this category too. This whole list is also entirely subjective. I never try do any kind of objective best of the year. It’s just about albums/songs that I personally love.

There’s a playlist link with one song from each, if you are into such things. Apple, Tidal and Spotify. I made it on Spotify and transferred to the other ones. Therefore it seems to sometimes take the single instead of the album cut, but I’m sure you’ll find the correct albums from Tidal and Apple too. I only added Bandcamp/youtube embeds to top three. The page just seem to load forever, if there’s a hundred embed on it. So sorry about that. Most of these can be found on bandcamp (and well record stores).

Apple playlist
Tidal playlist
Spotify playlist


100. Bonnie Montgomery – River (Gar Hole Records)

99. Max Bien Kahn – When I Cross It Off (Perpetual Doom)

98. Jerry Leger – Donlands (Latent Recordings)

97. Mya Byrne – Rhinestone Tomboy (Kill Rock Stars Nashville)

96. Kyle Cox – Who Cares

95. Steven Adams – Drops (Fika Recordings)

94. The Resonant Rogues – The Resonant Rogues

93. Jordan Moser – PERIL (Keeled Scales)

92. Sam Burton – Dear Departed (Partisan Records)

91. Logan Ledger – Golden State (Rounder Records)

90. Bry Webb – Run With Me (Idee Fixe Records)

89. Nico Paulo – Nico Paulo (Forward Music Group)

88. Jerry David DeCicca – New Shadows

87. Andrew Gabbard – Cedar City Sweetheart (Karma Chief Records / Colemine Records)

86. Jeff Moller – Sigh Baby (Royal Oakie Records)

85. Beth Bombara – It All Goes Up (Black Mesa Records)

84. Johanna Samuels – Bystander (Jealous Butcher Records)

83. Nat Vazer – Strange Adrenaline (Perpetual Doom)

82. The Evening Sons – Tracks (Curation Records)

81. Uni Boys – Buy This Now! (Curation Records)

80. The David Tattersall Group – The David Tattersall Group (Bella Union)

79. Graves – Gary Owens: I Have Some Thoughts (Perpetual Doom)

78. The Sons of Rainier – Take Me Anywhere

77. Woods – Perennial (Woodsist)

76. The Rose City Band – Garden Party (Thrill Jockey Records)

75. Mapache . Swinging Stars (Innovative Leisure)

74. Laith – Lightning (Fluff and Gravy Records)

73. Dylan LeBlanc – Coyote (ATO Records)

72. Kacey Johansing – Year Away (Night Bloom Records)

71. Brigid Mae Power – Dream From the Deep Well (Fire Records)

70. Thomas Walsh – The Rest is History (Curation Records)

69. Diners – Domino (Bar None Records)

68. Michael Cormier O’Leary – Anything Can Be Left Behind (Dear Life Records)

67. The Satchel Kid – When It Stops Hurting (Ella Ruth Institutet)

66. Josienne Clarke – Onliness (Corduroy Punk)

65. Julie Arsenault – Nothing Sweeter (Son Canciones)

64. Leah Senior – The Music That I Make (Poison City Records)

63. Stephen Wilson Jr – Son of Dad (Big Loud Records)

62. Nick Shoulders – All Bad (Gar Hole Records)

61. Brennen Leigh – Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin Yet (Signature Sounds Recording)

60. Colter Wall – Little Songs (La Honda Records / RCA Records)

59. Buffalo Nichols – The Fatalist (Fat Possum Records)

58. Lauren O’Connell – Everything Feels Ridiculous (Sugar Glider)

57. Lydia Loveless – Nothing’s Gonna Stand in My Way Again (Bloodshot Records)

56. Steve Sloane – The Dust I’ve Been Wearing Around / Let the Sunset Have My Stuff

55. Whitney Rose – Rosie (MCG Recordings)

54. Dylan Earl – I Saw the Arkansas (Gar Hole Records)

53. Skyway Man – Flight of the Long Distance Healer (Mama Bird Recording Co)

52. H.C. McEntire – Every Acre (Merge Records)

51. I’m Kingfisher – Glue (Fading Trails)

50. Kitba – Kitba (Ruination Record Co)

49. Withered Hand – How To Love (Reveal Records)

48. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – The Town That Cursed Your Name (Tough Love)

47. Vanity Mirrow – PUFF (We Are Busy Bodies)

46.NQ Arbuckle – Love Songs for the Long Game (Six Shooter Records)

45. James McCann – Tales of a Northbound Drifter

44. Joanna Sternberg – I’ve Got Me (Fat Possum Records)

43. Maybel – Gloam (Idee Fixe Record)

42. Charlotte Cornfield – Could Have Done Anything (Double Double Whammy / Polyvinyl)

41. Sparklehorse – Bird Machine (Anti-)

40. Charles Wesley Godwin – Family Ties (Big Loud Records)

39. Haley E Rydell – Midwestern Daughter

38. Tre Burt – Traffic Fiction (Oh Boy Records)

37. Bart – Some Kind of Way (Idee Fixe Records)

36. Carlene – Looking Out My Window

35. Cinder Well – Cadence (Free Dirt Records)

34. Sluice – Radial Gate (Ruination Record Co)

33. Jalen Ngonda – Come Around and Love Me (Daptone Records)

32. J.E. Sunde – Alice, Gloria & Jon (Vietnam)

31. Esther Rose – Safe to Run (New West Records)

30. Mike Frazier – Another Night, Another Sunrise (Geneva Records)

29. Pony Bradshaw – North Georgia Rounder (Black Mountain Music / Soundly)

28. Michael James Tapscott – The Beasts of History (Royal Oakie Records)

27. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Weathervanes (Southeastern Records / Thirty Tigers)

26. Anna St. Louis – In the Air (Mare / Woodsist)

25. Will Johnson – No Ordinary Crown (Keeled Scales)

24. Steven van Betten – Friends and Family (Future Gods)

23. Ron Sexsmith – The Vivian Line (Cooking Vinyl)

22. Andrew Bryant – Prodigal (Sentimental Noises)

21. Vincent Neil Emerson – The Golden Crystal Kingdom (La Honda Records / RCA)

20. Hurry – Don’t Look Back (Lame-O Records)

19. Willy Tea Taylor & The Fellership – The Great Western Hangover (Blackwing Music)

18. Summer Dean – The Biggest Life (Next Waltz)

17. Slaid Cleaves – Together Through the Dark (Candy House Media)

16. John R. Miller – Heat Comes Down (Rounder Records)

15. William Matheny – That Grand Old Feeling (Hickman Holler Records / Thirty Tigers)

14. Evangeline Gentle – Where the Diamonds Are

13. Kelly Sloan – Insides Out (Victory Pool)

12. Jason Hawk Harris – Thin Places (Bloodshot Records)

11. Rae Fitzgerald – Say I Look Happy (Keeled Scales)

10. Bella White – Among Other Things (Rounder Records)

9. Cut Worms – Cut Worms (Jagjaguwar)


8. Austin Stambaugh – Midwest Supernatural (Anti-Corp)

7. Abe Partridge – Love in the Dark (Baldwin County Public Records)

6. Bonnie Prince Billy – Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Domino Recording Co)

5. Margo Cilker – Valley of Heart’s Delight (Fluff and Gravy Records / Loose Music)

4. Lucinda Williams – Stories from a Rock N Roll Heart (Highway 20 Records / Thirty Tigers)

3. Jeffrey Martin – Thank God We Left the Garden (Fluff and Gravy Records / Loose Music)

2. Dean Johnson – Nothing For Me, Please (Mama Bird Recording Co)

1. Kassi Valazza – Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing (Fluff and Gravy Records / Loose Music)

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Favorite Finnish Songs of the Year 2022

And the last part of this EOTY madness is the Finnish songs of the year. Just like the international one, this is just a quick top 5 accompanied with a playlist that is longer than anyone will listen. Playlist is still a bit of work in progress and I’m sure there’s some dear ones missing, because I haven’t done it with any sort of organized manner. So there will be some additions during the coming days. The order there is completely random after ten or so. That’s it for 2022. The blog will be on hold for a while and will return either week 1 or week 2.

5. Haamusoittajat – Pellot ja pöllöt

4. Sur-rur – Tuulessa heiluva lanka (If Society / Joteskii Groteskii / Roku Records)

3. Kristiina – Hai (Humu Records / Hillotehdas)

2. Tamara Luonto – Neiti B (Humu records, Hillotehdas & Lempi and Sylvi discs)

1. ITE EEROLA – Tilaa mulle taksi (Panama-Levyt)

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