Courtney Marie Andrews – Put The Fire Out (video)

There’s a new Courtney Marie Andrews music video for the song Put The Fire Out. It’s an outtake from her stunning album Honest Life that is out now on Loose Music here in Europe. She is also currently touring around Europe, so go and see her if you can. I’m sure it will be a spectacular concert. She will hit the Nordic countries in a week or so. Unfortunately not Finland this time around, but Stockholm date is in the calendar, if you want to take a boat cruise to Sweden. This is the excellent new music video Put The Fire Out.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website

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Viljami Kukkonen – Joko lähdetään (video)


Viljami Kukkonen has a new music video for the song Joko lähdetään. It’s an outtake from his 2015 album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu, which was my favourite Finnish album of that year. Jos rakkaus tapahtuu is a finally getting a vinyl release as well. So if you didn’t purchase a copy just because you don’t care for those compact disc thingies anymore, there are no reasons to hold back now. The album is gorgeous and there will be a special church concert to celebrate the vinyl release of it. It will take place at Finlaysonin Kirkko, Tampere on the 11th of November. Check out Viljami’s FB for more information. Here’s the new video for the song Joko lähdetään. It was directed by Teemu Niukkanen.

Viljami Kukkonen at Facebook

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