Video of the Day #48: Kasey Anderson & The Honkies

Portland-based singer-songwriter Kasey Anderson was one of my big finds last year and therefore I’m a little bit ashamed that I still haven’t written anything about his latest effort. The new album Heart of a Dog was released in february and it’s pretty damn good. I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of this opening track The Wrong Light, because I think this goes a little too far to the blues rock territory and out of my comfort zone. A great song, but not totally my kind of stuff. However, most of the record is totally my kind of stuff and I really love songs like Exit Ghost and Sirens and Thunder. Oh and one more thing. Nowadays Kasey Anderson has a band called The Honkies and there’s a really familiar name behind the drum set. It’s Ex-Posies drummer Mike Musburger. Watch The Wrong Light below. It’s beautifully illustrated by Keith Carter.

Kasey Anderson Website
Kasey Anderson at Bandcamp

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Video of the Day #46: Matthew Hornell and The Diamond Minds

Matthew Hornell and The Diamond Minds is a folk rock group from St.Johns, Canada and Red Crescent is a wonderful song from their self-titled debut album. They also seem to have a lot of pop sense and there’s plenty of catchy melodies on the album. Therefore pop fans should be able to enjoy this one equally well. The video is from Mitch Fillion’s wonderful Southern Souls video blog. You can watch another Matthew Hornell video there (and a whole lot of other great videos).

MATTHEW HORNELL & THE DIAMOND MINDS – Red Crescent from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

Matthew Hornell & The Diamond Minds Website

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