Video of the Day #8: Jill Barber

Something completely different for a change. It’s time to travel to Canada to meet Jill Barber. I loved her debut EP, but lately we’ve lost touch. Mostly because she wanted to get closer and closer to old-fashioned cabaret and things like that and well… I just didn’t and I was much more comfortable in staying on the folkier side of things. She is still great though like you can see and maybe I should follow her path and widen my musical spectrums.


Jill Barber Website
Jill Barber at myspace

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Video of the Day #7: Washington

Back to down under. Megan Washington is a young-ish singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia and her debut album I Believe You, Liar just came out. This song Halloween is from an earlier EP though, but this such a fabulous video and therefore I had to post this one instead of some of these new (and also great) music videos like this and this.

Washington Website
Washington at myspace

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Video of the Day #6: The Young Veins

Today we go across the pond to California and back in time to past decades. Well actually The Young Veins is a new band led by Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. The duo decided to leave Panic! at the Disco due to creative differences and formed this new group that is beautifully stuck in the 60’s. Kudos to them for following their heart, because I’m afraid The Young Veins won’t be able to match the level of success Panic! at The Disco has gotten. Even though when it comes to musical side of things, The Young Veins certainly sound a whole lot better. The debut Take a Vacation! came out in june. I don’t have it yet, but will certainly add it to my shopping list. This first single Change has a great The Kinks thing going on and sound very good to these ears of mine.


The Young Veins Website
The Young Veins at myspace

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