Video of the Day #39: Stranded Horse

Something little different this time around. I can’t say I have listened to a lot of music played with kora. Well to be honest, I didn’t even know what that instrument was beforehand. However, it certainly sounds like you can make some pretty magical things with it, if you know what you are doing. French Yann Tambour aka Stranded Horse seem to know what he is doing and this song called And the Shoreline It Withdrew In Anger is absolutely wonderful. New Stranded Horse album Humbling Tides was released in january and if the other stuff on it is equally brilliant, it has to be amazing piece of music.

Stranded Horse at Facebook
Stranded Horse Website

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Video of the Day #38: Julie Fader

Video of the Day section seem to be stuck in Canada at the moment, but what can you do. I seem to be exploring those neighborhoods and keep on finding stuff that I adore. Julie Fader’s album Outside In was released back in 2009, but this video seem to be only a couple of weeks old. She was a member of Great Lake Swimmers and Tony Dekker also makes a guest appearance on her solo album.. along with other great people like Sarah Harmer and Justin Rutledge. But enough with naming the contributors. Julie Fader should be under the spotlight now. Her voice sounds warmer than a heated blanket and Maps is a great song. Lovely video as well.

Julie Fader at Hand-drawn Dracula

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Video of the Day #37: Theo Fleury

I never thought I would write about Theo Fleury to a music blog, but what the hell, why not. I love hockey and I love country music. So why wouldn’t I enjoy great hockey player playing country music. Oh well, Theoren Fleury writing and playing country music might seem like an internet joke in the making, but it definitely isn’t. I actually really like listening to this song. I admit that it wouldn’t have been included here if it had been written by some unknown Nashville-based songwriter instead of Theoren Fleury. It’s not anything brilliant, but it is a nice country song and I fully support Theo’s new adventures. Judge yourself.

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