Video of the Day #36: The Olympic Symphonium

Tonight Video of the Day section takes us to Fredericton, Canada and it’s time to introduce my latest musical love affair, The Olympic Symphonium. My first date with The Olympic Symphonium was about an hour ago, but I’m already ready to introduce them to my mom. The excellent Southern Souls video blog have captured them playing their whole new album live and I’ve been watching those videos over and over again. Three guys playing beautiful folk songs and singing their hearts out. My kind of stuff and I’m definitely going to buy their new album The City Won’t Have Time To Fight that came out a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s one of those wonderful videos. I won’t post them all, because you really should visit the fabulous Southern Souls website that contains huge amount of amazing videos. I know I will be spending a huge amount of time there during the next few weeks.

A Lot To Learn by The Olympic Symphonium:

The Olympic Symphonium Website
Southern Souls Website

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Video of the Day #35: Treehouse

Fairly new Finnish band Treehouse is just getting better all the time. These guys have already written a lot of really good pop music with their earlier groups, but now I’m starting to believe that Treehouse will outclass their earlier projects. I really enjoyed the first video, but I freakin’ love this one. I’m a harmony addict and this song will keep me away from my dealer for a long while. I may have listened to way too much (well that’s actually impossible) Popsicle and Teenage Fanclub in my life and I’ve started to see them everywhere I go, but I do get a little bit of Popsicle vibe in the verse and TFC in the chorus. It could be just me. Anyway, By The Lake by Treehouse is a marvellous country-tinged pop song. Just listen, enjoy and fall in love.

Treehouse – By the Lake from Hessu on Vimeo.

Treehouse at Facebook

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Video of the Day #34: Glossary & Kelly Kneiser

A couple for the weekend, because I’m probably too busy to do any updates before next week (Flavour of the Month, Football quiz, Super Bowl etc).

I’ve been meaning to post this first one a couple of times, but I think I have forgotten to do so. Perhaps now it’s the perfect time to add this wonderful rock song to the video of the day section, because it’s starting to look like I only listen to beautiful folk songs here at the headquarters. Save Your Money For The Weekend is an outtake from Glossary’s latest album Feral Fire that came out last summer I think. Tennessee-based Glossary is a band that is criminally unknown band in this household. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard so far and I love pretty much all the bands they are associated with (like Lucero and Drive-By Truckers), but I still haven’t really paid enough attention to them. Maybe I should not save the money for the weekend and instead save it for Glossary’s back catalogue. The song and video are both utterly wonderful.

Glossary – Save Your Money for the Weekend from Stewart Copeland on Vimeo.

Kelly Kneiser is a member of Glossary and you can download her solo EP for free from the Glossary website. Happiness Looks Good On You is the opening track and after listening to it, you probably want to go and download her EP.

Kelly Kneiser “Happiness Looks Good On You” from Joey Kneiser on Vimeo.

Glossary Website

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