If you want to be on the playlist, send the submission on the release week. If you send it earlier than that, it will be buried too deep in the inbox by the time the song/album is officially out and available.

If you are writing specifically to me, add something like Onechord or OCTA in the subject line. It’s perfectly ok to send the mass promo emails too, but I’ll get a hundred or so emails each day and therefore I try to give priority to the ones that have been written personally to me. That doesn’t in any way mean that you have to waste your time in writing a personal email, but if you do so anyway, help me pick it up from the crowd of unread emails.

Feel free to send me a promos, but I hope you investigate this site a little before that. There’s no point in sending me metal or hip-hop no matter how good it is, because that’s not what this site is about. And all emails with EDM on the subject line goes directly to the trash bin unless they contain hockey debate. But if do you have some good new folk, country, power pop, indie pop, americana… album then I’m all ears. I do not promise to write about the releases you send over. Basicly if it’s something I really like or love, it’s very likely that I will write about it. If it’s something that I don’t like that much, it’s very likely that I don’t review it. The amount of promo emails I get, has gotten so ludicrous during the last few years that I don’t have time to properly listen to all the submissions. I probably couldn’t even if this was a full time job and well this is just a hobby that I write on my spare time. I do spend quite a lot of time going through them and I do hope you keep sending them. Following up 1-2 times is perfectly ok, but please give me 4-5 days or preferably a week to listen/reply.