One Chord to Another became 18 years old on the 17th of September, 2019 and celebrated the long road with an online birthday party. During the anniversary week (14 – 22 of September) you saw unique live performances from the artists that shaped these 18 years of the blog. Here you’ll find the artists and direct links to their submissions are below these photos (I probably make the photos linkable too, but that might take a while). Below the photos, there’s a youtube playlist with one song from each artist. Except for the ones that were only on Vimeo. I didn’t include the encores on the playlist, but you’ll find those from the daily schedules underneath the playlist. This OCTA18 page will stay here for easier browsing and for the history books. Some videos might disappear, because that’s up to the artists what they will do with them after this event. Hopefully they will keep them online at least for a little while for the ones who weren’t able to follow this live. My biggest love to all the artists and everyone who watched their performances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Here’s a playlist that contains one song from everyone that participated. I excluded encores and a few are only on Vimeo (St. Lenox, China). You’ll find them from the daily schedule below.

Direct links to video performances are below:

Day One:

Anna Tivel – Untitled
Mitä helvettiä nyt taas – Tässä kylmässä kaupungissa
John Calvin Abney – Always Enough
Drew Beskin – Suspicion from the Start
veroes – Fire on the Street
Katie Spencer – Shannon Road
Christopher Gold – They Built This Prison
The New Magnetic North – New Magnetic North
Hermina Jean – Goddamnit
The Burning Hell – Fuck the Government, I Love You

Day Two

Hezekiah Jones – Yeshe & Horus
Matt Paxton – Harbour Town
Janne Tapion Sisäinen Avaruus – Ansaksi meille
Rachel Toups – There
Paper Beat Scissors – Grace
Micah Schnabel – How to Ride a Bike
Harry Hunks – Happy Birthday
Anthony Atkinson – Calm & Collected
Matt Harlan – Best Beasts
Myriam Gendron – Epitaph For a Darling Lady

Day Three

Guy Capecelatro III – With Me
V. Härkönen – Ilman Karttaa
Vanessa Peters – Trolls
Jeremy Squires – A Warm Glow
Steven Lambke – My Love is Impure But Enduring
Clay Parker and Jodi James – Arrows & Bows
Iron Country Sisters – Woodstock
Austin Lucas – Happy
Drew Danburry – Yvonne

Day Four

The Sugarrush – Backstreet Girl
Joe Algeri – Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks cover)
Mummypowder – Don’t Hold Your Breath
Caleb Stine – Canary
I’m Kingfisher – What Good Could Loving Do Me Now?
Kuumat Siivet – Itke hänet pois
Daniel Markham – Glamorous like Goddesses
Janne Laurila – Neljä tonnia pilvee
VanWyck – Make of Me
Adam Remnant – Rewriting Tomorrow

Day 5

Faustina Masigat – Your Love Anymore
Matt Woods – Blue-Eyed Wanderer
Tomi Nordlund & Syvä Joki – Olen täällä sinua varten
Michael Feuerstack – Outskirts
White Jackets – Fumes
Caleb Caudle – NYC In the Rain
Kelly Hunt – Everybody Knows
St. Lenox – The Public School System
Viljami Kukkonen – Minä valvon nimeäsi

Day 6

Antero Kaksikäsi – Taidan pysyy tässä
Jeffrey Martin – Untitled
Clara Baker – More than Enough
Matti Jasu – Close Encounters of the Third Kind
John Statz – Travel On, Travel Well
Haley Heynderickx – Dedicated to My Friend, Tre
Vähäsarja – Särkänniemen delfiinit
China – Crossing the Ohio
Steve Sloane – Let All In

Day 7

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – Deja Vudu
Marty the Random Guy – Brick by Brick
M. Lockwood Porter – Rosetta Stone
Volter – Ghost Town
LUKA – Quick Reflex
Natural Bridges – Ronnie’s In Bed
Joonas Holmen – The Way Things Are
The Other Years – Siren (Joan Shelley cover)
Barna Howard – Promise I Won’t Laugh

Day 8:

Mitä helvettiä nyt taas – Joka päivä töitä teen / Sitä mitä pelkäät (encore)
Evan Cheadle – Cold Cold Ground
Christopher Gold & The New Old Things – Devils (encore)
Drew Danburry – Eliot Rosewater (encore)
Harry Hunks – With Summer Wine (encore)
Anthony Atkinson – She Let Him In (encore)
Jeremy Squires – Central Nervous Station (encore)
The Sugarrush – Bloodlust Baby (encore)
Matthew Milia – Karen’s Just a Kid


One Chord to Another hits 18 years on the 17th of September. It’s a pretty long time to do absolutely anything let alone a music blog. Therefore I thought I should do something to celebrate the crazy fact that I’ve been doing this almost my whole adult life. It might not have been a wise career move to spend 18 years and hundreds and hundreds of hours in something that has only made me lose money, but still I feel that my life is much richer thanks to onechordnet and I’m proud that I’ve managed to keep this thing alive for so long. I’m a shy and quiet man and this has kind of been my voice in this world.

That’s why it’s time for an anniversary festival. OCTA18 will be an online festival in the spirit of the legendary Couch by Couchwest Festival (CXCW). The goal is to get unique live videos from the artists that have shaped the 18 years of onechordnet. It’s not open for everyone due to the reasons that a) the idea is to celebrate the 18 years of the blog, so naturally it makes sense to include only people who have been featured here b) I’m just one man and at this point it’s impossible to know would there be 5 or 500 videos if its open and I have a limited amount of time to spend on this. However, if you’ve been featured on the blog during its existence, I would love to have you on the event (I try to invite and ask people too but it’s not always easy to know who would be interested and able to participate. Plus I’m a man who has a masters degree in self-doubt, so asking for favors is not very easy). I would love to get submissions from all the eras of the blog, because both the early Finnish pop days and the current americana emphasis are important parts of the history of this little music blog. Obviously a lot of the early favorites have stopped making music ages ago, so that might get a bit tricky.

If you want to participate, here are the basic instructions:

1. Shoot a live video of one song. It can be a song that I’ve featured here over the years, but it can be a new song too or well any song that you would like to play. It can be just a quick phone video or you can use as much time, equipment and creativity as you wish. There does not have to be any birthday wishes or one chord mentions on the video. However, the video does need to be new and made for this event. So not an old video that is already circling in the net. Therefore it would also be nice if you kept it hidden/unlisted or at least didn’t share it on your social media before I’ve posted it during the anniversary week. Afterwards you can of course do what you want with it. It definitely doesn’t need to exclusive to this event as long as it ”premieres” on this so-called festival.

2. Upload it to youtube/vimeo and tag it OCTA18. Send the link to submissions(at)onechord.net. Don’t use the other addresses on the contact page, because they might get lost in the crowd in the other inboxes (I get a hundred or so emails every day). Also don’t use this one for the other promo emails. Just this anniversary festival stuff on this email address.

3. That’s basicly it. I will then embed it to a blog post, add a few words and links to your website and/or social media pages. Then I will post it to the blog during the anniversary week. I’ll tag you so you know when it’s live. That’s your festival performance.

4. Submission deadline is 31st of August, because I’m indeed just one man with a dayjob and I’ll need some time to write the posts beforehand. It’s not absolutely set in stone, so ask if you would love to do it, but you are not able to do it before that date. I just need to get most of them in advance. Otherwise I will be in big trouble, if I get lots of submissions.

I’m happy to answer, if you have any questions. There might be a small live event in Turku too, but more about that later if it happens.

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