Kielo Kärkkäinen, Hulda Huima, Tvärtom and Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly

Tonight’s round up is a quick Finnish music video post. Starting from Tampere with a song from the new Kielo Kärkkäinen album Keitä me olemme. It came out on the 6th of September on Texicalli Records and therefore got a little bit buried under the 18 year anniversary festival stuff. However, it’s one that I’ve been returning to all fall long and I love it to bits. This is Laulun Aika from one of my favourite Finnish albums of the year.

Kielo Kärkkäinen Website
Kielo Kärkkäinen at Facebook

Actually these could all be filed under that finest Finnish music of the year category. Next we have a song from the latest Hulda Huima album Maa that came out on the 16th of August should-be legendary Helmi Levyt. Jalat laahaa tätä maata is the brightest diamond of the record and Liina Kuittinen made this great music video for this particular song.

Hulda Huima at Facebook

One of my latest obsessions is this next song/video from the self-titled EP from Tvärtom. Iltariennot is such a perfect indie pop song and this music video by Virpi Stjerna is a perfect companion to the song. And because I have a masters degree in self doubt, this song also resonates within me rather deeply. In fact, I might be this song. Plus there’s a cat on the cover of their self-titled EP. So what’s not to love. Hit the links on the bandcamp player to hear/buy whole EP.

Tvartöm at Facebook

Wrapping tonight’s round-up with something completely different, but equally brilliant. I fell in love with the music of Anne-Mari Kivimäki & Palomylly last summer at Ilmiö Festivaali. I knew Pekko Käppi and Ville Rauhala and how awesome musicians they are and that’s why I went to see them despite having some doubts. I had a silly assumption that this might not be for me, because quite frankly I haven’t spent a lot of time listening to etno music. Maybe I even had some prejudiced barrier, but if I did, that damn thing fell down the minute they started playing and I ended up loving every second of the show. Easily one of the best concerts I’ve seen this year. Their new album Hämeen lauluja came out on the 2nd of September on Kihtinäjärvi Records and it opens with this gorgeous earworm Killiäinen Lemmenlintu that gets blissfully stuck in your heart for a long time. Oh and there’s also a new Pekko Käppi album coming out this week on Helmi Levyt, but let’s get to that one some other time.

Anne-Mari Kivimäki Website
Anne-Mari Kivimäki at Facebook

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Twain, Andre Ethier and Humbird

Some very quick round-up posts this week before starting to make the pointless year-end lists. Starting with a wonderful artist that will be heavily featured on all of those lists. You will find Twain in the albums, EPs and songs list. The new album Adventure came out on Keeled Scales on the 22nd of November and it’s again magnificent. Here’s my early favorite Royal Road, but the whole thing is a beautiful treasure. Listening to Twain is good for me and divides my thoughts into something manageable. What a song, what a record.

Twain at Facebook
Keeled Scales Website

Moving on to Canada and into the arms of Canadian songwriter Andre Ethier. I’m not familiar with his former band The Deadly Snakes or the earlier solo albums, but thankfully I somehow stumbled upon this new inspiring album called Croak In The Weeds that came out on the 12th of October on Telephone Explosion Records. It’s the second part of a trilogy that he has been making with producer Sandro Perri. Here’s my personal favorite Two Dogs from the album. Hit the links on the bandcamp player to hear/buy the whole blissfully strange record.

Telephone Explosion Records Website

Tonight’s small round-up ends in Minneapolis, MN with a song/video from the new Humbird album Pharmakon that came out on the 30th of August. Siri Undlin wrote wonderful songs and one of my favorite producers Shane Leonard made them shine even more brightly. Here’s one of the highlights Wolf Alice that was inspired by Angela Carter’s fairytale of the same name.

Humbird at Facebook
Humbird Website

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OCTA Weekly Playlist – Episode #67

Another week, another weekly playlist

Not a whole lot of releases this week due to thanksgiving I guess. First I thought about not doing the playlist this week, but in the end I didn’t have the heart to skip it, because there was a really important Finnish album release from Liila Jokelin. I’ve been wanting to hear her record since I saw her singing one song as an encore after a Kuparilinna concert some years ago. So that was the big one for me this week. Other Finnish selections are the latest singles from M, Mitä Helvettiä Nyt Taas and Räjäyttäjät.

A couple of international thingies too. There’s a new album from Sam Miller, The Finks (a bit of a mixed bag with covers and own songs) and Os Noctambulos plus EPs from Christopher Gold, Ducks Unlimited and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. I’m sure that can’t be all, but those ended up on my radar. I also included some older albums that I’ve missed from Trey Burnart Hall, Mousey, Ruth Garbus, The Lazy Susans, Repulsive Woman and Sandro Perri.

Some great singles too from Little Misty, The Innocence Mission, Peter Oren (this one I missed before), The Remittance Men and so forth.

And as usual, revisiting some albums from previous week. Put that’s it for this week. Probably some round up posts next week and after that is time to move on to the EOTY lists. No definite promises about anything though. Love love love.

1. Liila Jokelin – Kahdeksas ihme (Kaamos on huono esileikki, Helmi Levyt, 2019)
2. Christopher Gold – Plane Crash Dream Song (Wilderness Years EP, 2019)
3. Sam Miller – The Stage of Aging (In One Place at at Time, Jenny Ivert Records, 2019)
4. The Finks – Janine (Affectations, Milk! Records, 2019)
5. The Innocence Mission – This Boat (single, Bella Union, 2019)
6. Little Misty – Keeper (single, 2019)
7. M – Anne Neville ja Auringonpimennys (single, Solina Records, 2019)
8. Ducks Unlimited – Anhedonia (Get Bleak EP, Bobo Integral, 2019)
9. Mitä helvettiä nyt taas – Tuu mun luo (single, Nature Sucks Anyway Records, 2019)
10. Räjäyttäjät – Undo Redo (single, 2019)
11. Peter Oren – Stud Song (single, Western Vinyl, 2019)
12. The Remittance Men (feat Eilen Jewell) – A Room in Birmingham England 1919 (single, 2019)
13. Trey Burnart Hall – Listerine (Story Songs, 2019)
14. Flatland Cavalry – Sober Heart of Mine (single, The Next Waltz, 2019)
15. Twain – In the High of the Morning (Adventure, Keeled Scales, 2019)
16. Heather Valley – Ohio River (Desert Message, 2019)
17. Lee Fields & The The Expressions – Don’t Give Up (single, Big Crown Records, 2019)
18. Gabriel Birnbaum – Comeback Song (Not Alone, Arrowhawk Records, 2019)
19. Tanya Tucker – The Winner’s Game (single, Fantasy Records, 2019)
20. Benjamin Tod – A Heart of Gold is Hard to Find (A Heart of Gold is Hard to Find, 2019)
21. Maija Sofia – Cobweb (Bath Time, Trapped Animal Records, 2019)
22. Josienne Clarke – Walls and Hallways (In All Weather, Rough Trade, 2019)
23. Repulsive Woman – Rough Around the Edges (Relief, 2019)
24. Mousey – If You Really Loved Me (Lemon Law, 2019)
25. The Lazy Susans – If I Hurt You (Now That’s the Party’s Over, Resist Records, 2019)
26. Ruth Garbus – Squirrels (Kleinmeister, Orindal Records, 2019)
27. L.A. Mood – Backyard (single, Hotel Motel, 2019)
28. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Boundary Line (When In Rome, Carpe Diem EP, Bedroom Suck Records, 2019)
29. Sandro Perri – Back On Love (Soft Landing, Constellation, 2019)
30. Os Noctambulos – The Day We Touched the Sun (Silence Kills, Stolen Body Records)

Playlist link

Oh and do buy the vinyl/cd/download. Spotify and other streaming services are perfect for these introductory purposes, but try to buy at least the music that matter the most to you

If you are looking this after a week has gone, the embedded Spotify will show the latest playlist. I’ll just update the same playlist because a) if someone wants to follow it, they can just follow that one list and will get a new set of songs each Sunday b) so that I don’t have a trillion of different playlists on my Spotify account.

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Micah Schnabel, The Weakerthans Tribute, Matt Woods and Will Johnson

Tonight’s quick round up of things I love starts from Columbus, Ohio. New Micah Schnabel album The Teenage Years Of The 21st Century comes out on the 3rd of December and it’s a good reason to hold on to your AOTY lists at least for another week. This powerful and important record will definitely be on my list when I write it in mid-December. Video for New Shoes appeared earlier in the year and the new single Emergency Room just a couple of weeks ago. Check them out below and pre-order the album from his Bandcamp.

Micah Schnabel Website
Micah Schnabel at Facebook

One of my all-time favorite bands The Weakerthans got a tribute album a couple weeks ago. It’s called One Great Tribute! A love letter to The Weakerthans and can be bought from Bandcamp. There’s folks like Austin Lucas, Bry Webb and Frank Turner playing some of the finest songs of the past 20+ years, so what’s not to love. Here’s Anchorless by Austin Lucas & The Bold Party. Hit the links on the Bandcamp player to hear/buy the whole beautiful release. And in case you are not familiar, check out the whole The Weakerthans catalogue and John K. Samson’s solo records too.

One Great Tribute! Website
One Great Tribute! at Facebook

Just in time for thanksgiving we got a new video from Matt Woods album Natural Disasters that came out back in June. Joey Kneiser directed this mighty great video for Cold Civil War. He made a video for the first single Blue-Eyed Wanderer too. Check it out here, if you missed it in the summer. And hey, the record is awesome, so again hit the links on the bandcamp player to hear/buy the whole thing.

Matt Woods Website
Matt Woods at Facebook

Let’s wrap up this quick catch up posts with one of my favorite songs of this fall. Need of Trust and Thunder is an outtake from the wonderful new Will Johnson album Wire Mountain that came out on the 27th of September on Keeled Scales. I love the whole record, but somehow this is a song that I return to all the time.

Will Johnson at Facebook
Will Johnson Website

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