Bobby Dove, Lowstar Rodeo, Melissa Carper and Quinn Pilgrim

Another quick round up of early 2021 favorites. Kicking this off in Montreal, Canada with classic country gold from singer-songwriter Bobby Dove. Hopeless Romantic has been my favorite album during the past week and I also purchased a digital copy on Bandcamp day. Such a special record and I love it to bits. Here’s a couple of great examples from the album.

Bobby Dove Website
Bobby Dove at Facebook

Next some California country from Lowstar Rodeo. This is a solo project by Kevin Carducci from The Easy Leaves. I’m not actually familiar with the band and I think just stumbled upon this when I did my weekly bandcamp new releases search routine. I instantly liked it and the feeling has only grown stronger during the last few weeks and therefore I also picked this one on Bandcamp day. My own favorite song is Toward the Light, which is one of the best pandemic songs I’ve heard.

Lowstar Rodeo at Facebook
Lowstar Rodeo Website

This one by singer-songwriter and upright bassist Melissa Carper isn’t out before next week, but after hearing the three advance singles, I’m fully convinced that Daddy’s Country Gold will be one of my favorite albums of the year. Just perfect timeless country gold. Here’s a couple of these gorgeous singles (Bandcamp didn’t have playable songs, but you can pre-order it there)

Melissa Carper Website
Melissa Carper at Facebook

Last station on this roundabout is Louisiana. Singer-songwriter Quinn Pilgrim’s great new album Jericho Dream came out on the 22nd of January on Partially Sealed Records. It’s neither on the Partially Sealed Records Bandcamp or Quinn’s personal Bandcamp, but you’ll find it from the streaming services. My own favorite is Helpless One that gives some Townes vibes. Excellent record as a whole too and definitely a name to keep an eye on.

Quinn Pilgrim at Bandcamp

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OCTA Music Weekly – Episode #125

Another week, another new music weekly.

Kind of tough week at the day job, so the week kind of flew by. However, I even surprised myself by doing a one short small blog entry that was not a playlist. Nothing to celebrate, but hey at least it’s more than what I’ve done lately and hopefully it won’t be a one-off thing. At least I have another one coming next week with some recent country favorites. This weekly playlist also reached 400 followers last week (at least temporarily), which was nice. This won’t ever be viral and it doesn’t need to be but I still admit that it’s nice when that number slowly rises. Gives some extra motivation to keep on spending hours on this every weekend. So please do hit that follow button, if you like what I do here. Anyway, enough of the mumbo jumbo and on to the new music weekly.

Fruit Bats, Jay Gonzalez and Daniel Markham led the way this week. Other big album releases came from Adult Mom, Ian Daniel Kehoe (second of his 2020 bandcamp album releases now streaming too), Sara Renberg, Painted Shrines, Jimbo Mathus and Andrew Bird, Bernice, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Megan Lacy (EP), Garrison Starr, Jackie Darlene, Carl Anderson (EP), Jason Ringenberg and Leon III. Oh yeah and that excellent Wake Up album is a few weeks old. I just found it a week ago thanks to Greg from the legendary Captains Dead blog. And as usual the playlist revisits a few albums from the past week.

The big Finnish thing is the double album release from Janne Laurila. There’s both a solo album and a colloboration album with the almighty Hot Heros. Both are extremely highly recommended. Other Finnish cuts this week are the singles from Anne-Mari Kivimäki ja Palomylly and The Flaming Sideburns.

There was so much to love on the international singles front. The wonderful new Jeffrey Martin single was probably my favorite of the week, but I also really love the new singles by Damien Jurado, Tristen, Fiver, Maxwell Stern, Michael Feuerstack, Annie Oakley, John Andrews and the Yawns, Jesse Aycock, Max and the Martians, Jerry Leger, Tasha just to name a few. You’ll find them all below.

That’s all for this week. Love from a distance.

1. Fruit Bats – Discovering (The Pet Parade, Merge Records, 2021)
2. Jay Gonzalez – Back to the Hive (Back to the Hive, Middlebrow Records, 2021)
3. Daniel Markham – Flies Away (Night Light, 2021)
4. Jeffrey Martin – I Know What I Know (single, Fluff and Gravy Records, 2021)
5. Damien Jurado – Helena (single, Field Painting Music, 2021)
6. Fiver – Leaning Hard (On My Peripheral Vision) (single, You’ve Changed Records, 2021)
7. Tristen – Complex (single, Mama Bird Recording Co, 2021)
8. Adult Mom – Wisconsin (Driver, Epitaph, 2021)
9. Ian Daniel Kehoe – Can’t Dance if the Whole World Ends (Disco Body Buzz, Tin Angel Records, 2021)
10. Maxwell Stern – I Reached Out to the City (single, Lauren Records, 2021)
11. Michael Feuerstack – Call of the Tired (single, Forward Music Group, 2021)
12. Elephant Micah – Eastern Callers (single, Western Vinyl, 2021)
13. Sara Renberg – I Want to Be Butch (Butch Spring, Antiquated Future, 2021)
14. Wake Up – Places (Tigers Can’t Be Choosers, 2021)
15. Painted Shrines – Saturates the Eye (Heaven and Holy, Woodsist, 2021)
16. John Andrews and the Yawns – New California Blue (single, Woodsist, 2021)
17. Max and the Martians – Milky Way (single, 2021)
18. Annie Oakley – Arm’s Length (single, 2021)
19. Jerry Leger – Sweep it Under the Rug (single, 2021)
20. Jesse Aycock – Under the Gun (single, Horton Records, 2021)
21. Jimbo Mathus and Andrew Bird – Bell Witch (These 13, Wegawam Music, 2021)
22. B.B. Palmer – Many Worlds Theory (single, 2021)
23. Bobby Dove – My World’s Getting Smaller (Hopeless Romantic, 2021)
24. Los Yesterdays – Nobody’s Clown (single, Penrose Records, 2021)
25. Janne Laurila & Hot Heros – Kaksi tietä (Nuotiosavua, Playground Music, 2021)
26. Janne Laurila – Chaplin (Janne, Tuu jo tänne, Soit Se Silti, 2021)
27. The Blips – Throw Me Around (single, Cornelius Chapel Records, 2021)
28. Tuns – We Stand United (single, Murderecords, 2021)
29. Dorothea Paas – Anything Can Happen (single, Telephone Explosion Records, 2021)
30. Bernice – It’s Me, Robin (Eau De Bonjourno, Telephone Explosion Records, 2021)
31. Tasha – Would You Mind Please Pulling Me Close? (single, Father/Daughter Records, 2021)
32. Elizabeth & The Catapult – Thirsty (Sincerely, E, Compass Records, 2021)
33. Libby DeCamp – Off the Wagon (single, 2021)
34. Jake Xerxes Fussell – Hills of Mexico (single, Paradise of Bachelors, 2021)
35. The Bones of J.R. Jones – Howl (single, Tone Tree Music, 2021)
36. Vivian Leva and Riley Cargano – Hollowed Hearts (single, Free Dirt Records, 2021)
37. Katie Jo – How Soon (single, Fossil Water Records, 2021)
38. Jackie Darlene – Deadly Situation (Different Plans, 2021)
39. Garrison Starr – Dam That’s Breaking (Girl I Used to Be, Soundly Music, 2021)
40. Megan Lacy – Don’t Rest (Salvation, 2021)
41. Lula Wiles – Television (single, Smithsonian Folkways Recordigns, 2021)
42. Roseanne Reid – Fly High (single, Last Man Music, 2021)
43. Tomas Csorba – Dallas Girl (single, Tone Tree Music, 2021)
44. Carl Anderson – Pay Grade (Taking Off & Landing EP, Tone Tree Music, 2021)
45. Todd Snider – Sail On, My Friend (single, Aimless Records, 2021)
46. Blue Cactus – Come Clean (single, Sleepy Cat Records, 2021)
47. Dolour – The Day Tom Petty Died (single, 2021)
48. Gospelbeach – Albatross Baby (single, Curation Records, 2021)
49. Jason Ringenberg – Before Love and War (Rhinestoned, 2021)
50. The Flaming Sideburns – Silver Flame (single, Svart Records, 2021)
51. Ratboys – Go Outside (single, Topshelf Records, 2021)
52. Mukiss – Fernweh (single, Coyote Hand Puppet Records, 2021)
53. Bess Atwell – Co-op (single, Real Kind Records, 2021)
54. Clara Mann – Waiting for the Flight (Consolations EP, Sad Club Records, 2021)
55. Jess Locke – Halo (single, Dot Dash Recordings, 2021)
56. Toni Foote – Drug of Choice (single, 2021)
57. Will Graefe – Almost Morning (single, 11A Records, 2021)
58. Leon III – Skeletal Pines (Antlers in Velvet, Soundly Music, 2021)
59. Anne-Mari Kivimäki ja Palomylly – Ikirunoja (single, Kihtinäjärvi Records, 2021)
60. David Ramirez – One Man Guy (single, The Next Waltz, 2021)
61. Chris Pierce – Young, Black and Beatiful (American Silence, Pierce Records, 2021)
62. JosephM – Who Do You Serve (single, 2021)

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Isaac Vallentin, Clara Mann, Dan Edmonds and Steady Holiday

A blog post that is not a playlist. Who would have thought. Well it might be just a one-off and there are hardly any words, but anyway, I wanted to highlight a few releases that might not be that high profile in the grand scheme of things, but mean the world to me. Kicking things off in Montreal, Quebec with Isaac Vallentin’s gorgeous third album “…” that came out on the 3rd of February. Here’s the music video for Winter Song along with my own favourite, almost ten minutes long The Ballad of Nunangat that honour the lives and voices of Indigenous Canadians.

Isaac Vallentin Website

Moving on to Bristol, UK for the brand new Clara Mann EP Consolations that came out last week on Sad Club Records. I pretty much came a fan of singer-songwriter Clara Mann during my first spin of her debut single I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today last November. I instantly loved it and I’ve felt the same way about every Clara Mann I’ve heard to date.

Clara Mann at Facebook

Back in Canada for another treasure from the February 26 release vault. Former Harlan Pepper Dan Edmonds released a new charming solo album Good Fortune Assembly. The song The Morning is just pure gold. Dan Edmonds, Luka Kuplowsky and Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien create some magic together there and the music video is also excellent.

Dan Edmonds at Facebook

Let’s wrap this small blog entry in Los Angeles, California with the sweetest music video I know. It’s the ending song Love Me When I Go To Sleep from the new Steady Holiday album Take The Corners Gently. Such a lovely and heartfelt video. I love it wholeheartedly. Goes without saying that the album is also excellent.

Steady Holiday Website
Steady Holiday at Facebook

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