Video of the Day #129: Talmud Beach


Talmud Beach and their self-titled debut album kind of flew under my radar last year. Therefore this new music video Time On Highway 5 directed by James Tuovinen was a welcome eye opener. After watching this thing several times during the past two months, I’m more than ready to jump on this loose train. People outside Finland can soon follow my path, because the excellent Bone Voyage Recording Company is currently working on the European release of this album. Time On Highway 5 goes like this.

Talmud Beach – Time On Highway 5 from Hevosburger on Vimeo.

Talmud Beach at Facebook
Bone Voyage Website

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Will Schwartz – New Haircut


This summer, I haven’t really had much time to go through my mailbox. Therefore it is now full of promo emails and it would take hours to go through them all. I’m not prepared to do that. However, songwriter Will Schwartz from Queens and his New Haircut EP on Monkfish Records somehow managed to lure me into listening to the music and I kind of instantly liked his bedroom folk pop. Therefore it found it’s way on my playlist and have managed to stay there for several weeks. Well-written stories and well-crafted songs. New Haircut EP came out on Monkfish Records in june 2013. This is the opener Strangers.

Will Schwartz at Monkfish Records

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Video of the Day #128: The Parson Red Heads


A note to self. You need to get familiar with The Parson Red Heads. I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from them, but I still don’t own any of their albums. Something needs to be done. This just so my kind of music. In a way it feels like they’ve had the same musical education that I’ve had. A bit of The Byrds ,The Jayhawks, a lot of harmonies. And obviously it’s not just their style and the delivery. They are excellent songwriters. Here’s one proof. A wonderful song Times from their 6 EP that came out few months ago.

The Parson Red Heads Website

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