Nopat, The Wonderminers & Beacon St. Radiants

Your blogger made a huge mistake, went to nostalgic mode and installed CM 01-02 back to his computer. If you know the game, you are aware that it has a tendency to destroy one’s social life and take control of all your spare time. While I’m trying to quit and become more active blogger, you can listen to these great bands below.

Nopat, The Wonderminers and Beacon Street Radiants have all added some new songs to their myspaces. They are wonderful bands and eventhough these are only demos or unfinished mixes, they sound bloody great to me.

Nopat at myspace
The Wonderminers at myspace
Beacon Street Radiants at myspace

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A few months ago Viola decided to stop releasing physical records and started Viola Music Club where you can download or stream everything they have ever done. They didn’t stop making music though. Instead of physical releases they release one new song every month in digital format. June’s song is called A Decade and it’s musical and lyrical retrospective of the first 10 years of Viola.

Next wednesday 3rd of june is also Viola’s day and that means an annual Viola’s day festival takes place at Semifinal Helsinki. This year it has the same idea as their song of the month, to celebrate Viola’s first 10 years and they are dedicating a set for all of their three main albums.

Viola Music Club Website

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Townes Van Zandt

After that previous entry I have to add this clip as well. Probably everyone has seen it already, but you just can’t watch that too many times. It’s from Hearworn Highways. Townes Van Zandt playing one of his greatest songs Waitin’ Around To Die (also one of the greatest songs ever written by anyone).

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