Baby Sweetcorn

There’s some good news and some bad news about Baby Sweetcorn. Let’s start with the good news:

“The first four sold out recordings, namely Coming Up As the Night Comes Down, Rosary Principle EP, Small Hour Drama b/w Heart of Gold and There and Not Dare can now be downloaded from for free”

This is also a note to self. I need to go and download the first two because I don’t have them and probably have not even heard them. I can fully recommend Small Hour Drama and There and Not Dare. They are really great little records.

Then moving on to the bad news:

“It’s now ten years since Baby Sweetcorn’s inception and as some of you might have noticed we’ve been more or less inactive for the last year and a half. That said, now is as good a time as any to aknowledge and announce that Baby Sweetcorn has retired indefinitely. As always, the future is uncertain. For now, we’ll be pursuing other dreams. Thanks to everyone we’ve met along the way. Be seeing you.”

Ten years is a long journey for an indie band (or any band for that matter), but it’s always a bit sad to see a great band drift into retirement. Hopefully they one day decide to return, but even if they don’t, they can feel good about what they achieved. They’ve certainly left their mark to the finnish music scene. That mark might not be a big glamorous sign that everyone will notice, but a small symbol crafted with love and care is often more meaningful. Baby Sweetcorn wrote that symbol also to my heart with the excellent releases Small Hour Drama, There and Not Dare and Ghosts and Sunsets. Stylewise these three releases were a perfect match with my heart. Thank you Baby Sweetcorn and good luck with pursuing other dreams.

Baby Sweetcorn at myspace

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Top of the week 26

Time for the most useless lists of the week aka the things I loved during the week.


1. Dinosaur Jr: Farm
No reason to change a good concept. It sounds oh so familiar and it’s a great album.

2. The Lemonheads: Varshons
I love The Lemonheads, but I’ve got to admit that this cover album isn’t very good as a whole. It has its moments like the opener I Just Can’t Take It Anymore, but there just isn’t enough great material for an album. It’s not terrible and one could gather up a very good cover ep out of the material, but it’s still a very dissapointing release.

3. Kiss: Kiss / Dressed To Kill / Destroyer / Love Gun
Kiss addiction didn’t go away in a week.

4. Radio City: Class of ’77
This lost power pop gem is still on the playlist.

5. College Fall: 2009 European Tour EP
A tour EP that also contains a few tracks from their upcoming album.


1. The Avett Brothers: I and Love and You
2. The Lemonheads: I Just Can’t Take It Anymore
3. Kiss: Strutter
4. Duke & The King: If You Ever Get Famous
5. Dinosaur Jr: Over It

According to I’ve listened to I and Love and You 54 times so far. It seems I’m rather excited about the upcoming The Avett Brothers album. It’s again a really great song eventhough I don’t think that it’s is even close to reaching my imaginary top 5 songs by The Avett Brothers list.

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