Future Gravity

future gravity

I still miss ultrasport, but perhaps the griefing time should finally be over and it’s better to be overjoyed about things like Future Gravity. This is the new project of ex-ultrasport Juho Kosunen and the first samples  sounds damn good to me. Juho’s own description “A bit like Jens Lekman with stereoids and off the antidepressants” gives you a hint about the style. Make up your own mind by downloading the first two songs from his website or listen to them on Future Gravity’s myspace.

Future Gravity Website
Future Gravity at myspace

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The Phonies on The Lemonheads Tribute


A while ago Double D Records released a tribute cd to The Lemonheads entitled Drug Buddies. Excellent finnish band The Phonies features on this tribute with their wonderful take on The Great Big No and at the moment you can listen to it on the myspace page dedicated to this tribute.  Obviously I have no clue how long it will stay there,  but it’s there now. And because we don’t own mountain bikes and are not outdoor types, could there be a better way to spend an evening than to sit in front of a computer listening to a great finnish band covering one of the greatest bands ever several times in a row.

The Lemonheads Tribute at myspace
The Lemonheads Tribute Website
Double D Records Website
The Phonies Website
The Phonies at myspace

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Puumaja’s debut album Meriselityksiä will be released on 27.05.2009. Think of Red House Painters, Low. Think of good music… and if your brain is melting down because of all that thinking, you can ease your mind by watching their new music video below or go to their myspace to find more of the same greatness.



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