Alexander in Paris & Swaying Wires

I’ve been meaning to write about these new Finnish bands for a week or two, because I like them a lot and find them really promising. All the roads lead to Honkka and I have to thank him for liking these groups at Facebook. That’s how I found these.


Alexander in Paris from Raahe is a new Finnish folk rock group and there aren’t too many of those around. Their new EP is out and available and you can listen to the songs on their Soundcloud. Especially this song entitled Man VS. Kid is damn good. Definitely a band to keep an eye/ear/heart on.

[soundcloud url=”″]
Alexander in Paris at Facebook
Alexander in Paris at Soundcloud


I knew I wanted to listen to Turku-based Swaying Wires after checking out their influence list. Songs: Ohia was the first on the list and I’m a big fan of all things Jason Molina and Axxxess & Ace is one of my all-time favourite albums. I can hear that influence occasionally, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Beautiful female vocals and captivating folk songs. That’s all I need. This song below is entitled Bluebird. You can listen to three other songs on their Soundcloud.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Swaying Wires at Facebook
Swaying Wires at Blogspot
Swaying Wires at Soundcloud

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