Year 2011 Round Up Part 2: Jason Isbell, Austin Lucas, Lauderdale, Brown Bird

Continuing with the highlights of the year 2011. I started with the unhurried side of music (like Slowcoustic describes it). Now I’m kicking it up a a tiny notch, but the quality remains equally high. Still very much in the folk, country and americana zone, but don’t worry. Some pop hits will be coming up as well (even though that “finnish pop site” slogan is getting a little questionable these days). Like previously mentioned. The full best songs/albums/reissues lists coming up late december. Without further pointless crap. Here’s again four great songs from the year 2011.

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit: Alabama Pines

Austin Lucas: Thunder Rail

Lauderdale: Stars Fell

Brown Bird: Bilgewater

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Album of the Month: Austin Lucas – A New Home in the Old World

Austin Lucas: A New Home In The Old World (Combat Rock Industry / Hometown Caravan / Last Chance, 2011)

It was pretty hard to decide the album of the month because both Austin Lucas and Jason Isbell released wonderful albums and either of them would be a great choice. But if I have to choose, in the end my selection has to be A New Home in the Old World by Austin Lucas.  The album is just so totally freaking amazing and it feels damn good to listen to it. Are you looking for punk energy, old bluegrass, country rock, folk ballads, moving lyrics or just a whole lot of fun? Well no need to look any further. This album delivers all that and more. Especially that opening quartet of songs Run Around, Sit Down, Darkness Out Of Me and Thunder Rail is almost out of this world. Usually I prefer if the country and folk-minded singer-songwriters keep things as simple as possible, but in Austin’s case also the fuller band sound material works perfectly and it becomes clear that the guy can master anything from beautiful down-to-earth folk ballads to energetic country-tinged rockers. That variety and richer sound palette maybe even makes A New Home in the Old World rise above his previous album Somebody Loves You, which is also an amazing album and was my #7 pick on the’s albums of the year 2009 list. Just excellent stuff once again from Indiana’s Austin Lucas and really close to full five hearts.

Music video for the first single Thunder Rail.

Austin Lucas Website
Austin Lucas at Facebook

A couple of Finland-related additions:

a) Combat Rock Industry released the album in Finland, so you should be able to get it from all the good record stores.
b) Austin Lucas will play at Bar Loose, Helsinki on the 14th of may (with Digger Barnes)

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Video of the Day #54: Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas’ new album A New Home In The Old World came out last week and it is absolutely wonderful. Hopefully I will find the time to review it within a couple of weeks, because I really love the album. The album was also released in Finland by Combat Rock Industry and Austin Lucas will play a concert at Bar Loose, Helsinki on the 14th of may. This is the first single Thunder Rail from the new album.

Austin Lucas Website

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Jarkko Martikainen and Austin Lucas

Jarkko Martikainen has recently recorded a cover version of Austin Lucas’ Bells with Finnish lyrics. Kellot was recorded last september with the help of Samae Koskinen and it’s a very good version of the song. I do prefer the original, but also Jarkko nails this one pretty damn well and adds his own vision and style to the song. You can listen to the song on Jarkko Martikainen’s new website. He also has a new album called Usko coming out in april.

Jarkko Martikainen Website

The great Austin Lucas has a new digital single Thunder Rail out now on Last Chance Records and the new album will follow in the spring. I think this was the second time I’ve ever bought a digi-single, but I love Austin and had to get it. The single is fantastic even though a little surprising. He seem to be going towards a full band sound, but I don’t mind at all because this sounds equally brilliant as the earlier country & folk troubadour stuff. I’m really looking forward to the album. Here’s a cool live version of the title track of the previous album Somebody Loves You that was one of the best albums of 2009.

Austin Lucas Website
New single at Last Chance Records

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