Big White Monkees: Stockholm

It’s time for a nostalgic trip to Stockholm. Farkkujanne has done a good deed by adding some Big White Monkees classics to youtube. My favourite song by them was always Stockholm. Maybe it’s just a nice little tune, but I’ve always loved it and it still recalls lots of good memories like audiences trying to force Saku to play Stockholm as an encore (thankfully he usually did end up playing it).

Anyway, back then I was always excited about my trips to Turku and several times a year I travelled to Turku just to see bands like Big White Monkees, Bridget, Ben’s Diapers, Since November, Hundred Million Martians, Boomhauer play live. A lot has happened since and nowadays I live in Turku and often find myself pondering whether I have the energy to walk 15 minutes to Dynamo to see a good pop band play a concert. Listening to Stockholm now and recalling all those fine moments I spent at various places in Turku makes me want to shout to myself that “get a grip man/boy/whatever and drag your lazy ass to those concerts that fine people organize. It’s what you love and it’s what you want to support. Heck, you used to travel 7 hours in a train to see one great pop concert and now you can’t walk 15 bloody minutes”. Anyway. Here it is. Big White Monkees and Stockholm. A song that would definitely make the list, if I had to choose ten songs that are dearest to me.


There’s also other great Big White Monkees songs at youtube:

Falling From The Ride

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