Video of the Day #33: Binoculers

After blogging about the new Finnish live music video blog Off The Record, I got an email that had a link to Musikmob that is a similar kind of blog from Leipzig, Germany. I really enjoyed many of their videos, but I’m not going to post all of them. It’s better to go and watch them where the action is. This beautiful Binoculers video can serve as a lovely introduction, because it’s a) the first Musikmob video b) one of my own favourites. Binoculers is Nadja Rüdebusch from Hamburg and that’s pretty much everything I know about her. I just started to listen to her album at bandcamp and based on the first couple of songs it seems to be a great minimalistic folk album.

Musikmob #01: Binoculers – “Easy In The Morning Sun” from Musikmob on Vimeo.

Binoculers at bandcamp
Musikmob Website

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