Bonnie Prince Billy: Beware


Bonnie Prince Billy: Beware (Domino, 2009)

Last year’s Lie Down In The Light might be my favourite Bonnie Prince Billy album, but unfortunately I’m not equally thrilled about his new album Beware. It’s again beautiful and intimate piece of music, but this time the song material isn’t as captivating as before. Maybe I should give it more time, because this peaceful folk music isn’t instant hit material. Despite not falling in love with the whole album, it does have its moments. These moments are called You Can’t Hurt Me Now, I Don’t Belong To Anyone and Death Final. Three absolutely wonderful songs. Songs that would easily qualify for the imaginary The Best of Bonnie Prince Billy album. Even though I’m not that excited about the whole album, these three five heart songs lift the album far above mediocrity.


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