Video of the Day #112: Browan Lollar

I’ve watched this over ten times today. I got the TIAM mail about this and other things a while back, but red it on a coffee break at work and forgot to watch the video later. Well until today Jan (from No Deal Music) posted it on Facebook. The song instantly won my head, heart, elbow & toenail over and other body parts should follow in a brief moment. I’m not too familiar with Browan Lollar at this point, but he used to play with Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit (also made the cover art for the albums I think) and now This Is American Music is releasing his solo EP For The Givers And The Takers sometime soon. You might more used to expect wonderful americana/folk/country/rock’n’roll from TIAM, but at least this Browan Lollar song is actually a really great pop song that could and should be praised also in the power pop scene. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the EP after this fabulous song Cars.


Browan Lollar at Facebook
This Is American Music Website

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