Video of the Day #75: Caleb Coy

The day job, ice hockey and Flavour of the Month meant that I didn’t have any time for the blog this week, but let’s break the silence with this beautiful video of One Day Closer To You. Yer Bird Records released Caleb Coy’s captivating lo-fi country/folk album Wild Desert Rose last year. This was my favourite song on it and it still sounds as wonderful as it did back then.


Caleb Coy Website

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Review: Caleb Coy – Wild Desert Rose

Caleb Coy: Wild Desert Rose (Yer Bird, 2010)

Lately I’ve introduced myself to cult country hero Blaze Foley and this brand new album Wild Desert Rose by Caleb Coy fits perfectly to the same category, because it has the same kind of lo-fi beauty and quality. I can understand if these songs sound a little too demo-ish for some, but I love this bare, heartwarming and down-to-earth sound. You’ll never need the London philharmonic orchestra as your backing band, if you can write beautiful songs. Just pick up the guitar and sing your heart out. Caleb Coy does that and has created a great collection of honest and beautiful country songs. The first half of the album is just marvellous and I love songs like One Day Closer To You to bits. The latter half feels slightly less brilliant (but still very good) at the moment, but the reason might be that the first half already procuded more beauty than my heart can process at one time. A lovely and captivating record.


Listen to I’ll Be Damned:

Caleb Coy at myspace

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