Caleb Stine – I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This

Caleb Stine: I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This (Self-released, 2010)

Caleb Stine is a country/folk troubadour from Baltimore and I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This is already his fifth album. He hasn’t enjoyed a huge success, but based on this intimate, bare and beautiful album, the reason for that certainly isn’t the lack of quality in his songwriting and phrasing. This guy is the real deal and not just another country singer-songwriter. The whole album is filled with acoustic beauty, gentle confessions and down-to-earth warmness. The highlight of the album is the song When She Comes, which is just pure magic to me. That song can travel far deeper into your body than where an army of doctors could reach. I suppose there are a couple of songs that only falls into the category “really good, but nothing spectacular”, but it doesn’t change the fact that I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This is a very convincing album.

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Video of the Day #28: Caleb Stine

Happy new year everyone. Hopefully this will be a good year for the blog, because One Chord To Another’s 10th anniversary is on 17th of september 2011. Staying active is probably the best way to celebrate that. It isn’t a big deal to anyone else, but the fact that soon I’ve kept this thing going on for ten years does mean something to me. Actually it means a lot to me and hopefully I can come up with more ways to celebrate it during the year.

The first music addiction of the year is Caleb Stine. I just downloaded his latest album on reviewshine and even though I’m not even through the first listening session, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this album. If I had own this last year, it probably would have featured on my end of the year list. A great songwriter and a great singer. Here’s a live video:

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