Daisy’s new album was released today. Check out the samples at myspace and then go and buy it. Unfortunately I can’t go to the record store yet, because I have a little bit of flu. I don’t think it’s THE flu though, because I haven’t felt that bad at all. Just some very mild fever yesterday and a sore throat today. I think it’s still best to take it slow for a couple of days.

Daisy Website
Daisy at myspace

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News: Cosmobile, Daisy, Beacon St. Radiants and Koria Kitten Riot


New album Making Do will be released on 14th of october by Fullsteam Records. There’s two songs from the album on their myspace player. Pretty damn good songs too.


Cosmobile live:

16.10.2009 Helsinki, Levykauppa Äx
21.10.2009 Helsinki, Nosturi +Baddies (UK)
24.10.2009 Tampere, Telakka, Lost in Music
30.10.2009 Helsinki, Stupido Shop
06.11.2009 Turku, Klubi
06.11.2009 Turku, Levykauppa Äx
13.11.2009 Helsinki, Belly, ”Making Do” -levynjulkaisukeikka
13.11.2009 Helsinki, Pitkämies
21.11.2009 Tampere, Artturi, Valoa Festivaali
21.11.2009 Tampere, Swamp Music
26.11.2009 Kuopio, Henry’s Pub
05.12.2009 Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub, Rotosrock-festivaali
11.12.2009 Hämeenlinna, Suisto-klubi
12.12.2009 Pori, Monttu
19.12.2009 Helsinki, Korjaamo

Cosmobile at myspace


Daisy’s album was postponed to november 11th, but the first single Rude Awakening has hit the radio waves. You can also listen to the single on their myspace.

Daisy Website
Daisy at myspace


Beacon Street Radiants have been busy making their debut album. You can listen to some of the excellent new songs now on their myspace.

Beacon Street Radiants at myspace


Koria Kitten Riot has signed a record deal with Solmu Records and the album will hit the stores on the 28th of october. More about this during the week of the release.

Koria Kitten Riot at myspace

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