Video of the Day #89: Daniel Romano

Canadian Daniel Romano released a wonderful vintage country album Sleep Beneath The Willow last year. It took the spot #14 on’s album of the year list. The opener Time Forgot (To Change My Heart) has now a music video. Such a great song.. and there’s actually 3-4 better ones on the album. That’s how strong the album is.


Daniel Romano Website

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Year 2011 Round-Up Part 4: Mirel Wagner, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Robert Ellis, Daniel Romano, Patrick Sweany

More highlights and more favourite singer-songwriters of the year 2011. All these will definitely feature on the upcoming albums of the year list. Especially the first two will demand a really high place on that list.

Mirel Wagner – No Death (from the album Mirel Wagner)


Jessica Lea Mayfield – Run Myself Into The Ground (from the album Tell Me)

Jessica Lea Mayfield “Run Myself Into The Ground” from American Songwriter on Vimeo.

Daniel Romano – Hard On You from the album Sleep Beneath The Willow


Robert Ellis – Friends Like Those (from the album Photographs)


Patrick Sweany – Shoestring (from the album That Old Southern Drag)

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Review: Daniel Romano – Sleep Beneath The Willow

Daniel Romano: Sleep Beneath The Willow (You’ve Changed Records, 2011)

I got Daniel Romano’s new album Sleep Beneath The Willow through reviewshine, but it’s such a fabulous album that I really should buy a physical copy as well. Daniel Romano is a country singer-songwriter from Welland, ON, Canada and he has written a wonderful traditional country & folk album. Press release namedrops Glen Campbell and Lee Hazlewood, but it should have mentioned solo Gram Parsons as well, because some of the songs like Lost (For As Long As I Live) sounds a lot like Gram’s solo country balladry. While the focus seem to be on the 60’s and early 70’s influenced old-fashioned country songs, there’s definitely some variation. For example the opening track Time Forgot (To Change My Heart) throws some darker (and almost gothic) americana sounds into the picture.

This is really good stuff altogether and the greatest moments like Hard On You and Lost (For As Long As I Live) are just brilliant. Daniel should tour with another amazing troubadour Pete Molinari. They are both so wonderful at updating old country & folk sounds and making them sound as fresh and beautiful as they did back in the day. Plus they both have a fantastic song about a girl named Louise.

Listen to Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)

Daniel Romano at myspace

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