Albums of the Year 2010 – Part three 20-11

Part one 40-31, Part two 30-21, Part four 10-1

20. Justin Rutledge: The Early Widows

I’m a long time fan of canadian singer-songwriter Justin Rutledge and have loved pretty much everything he has ever done. The Early Widows isn’t an exception to the rule albeit I’m not 100% happy with all of the production/arrangements choices (less gospel choirs next time around). Justin Rutledge is  such a master in creating poignant, poetic and beautiful folk songs.

19. Eels: End Times

Eels released two albums during the year. I didn’t like the second one Tomorrow Morning that much, but End Times was a really strong album.. Or maybe strong is not the right word. Maybe fragile, confessional & captivating would be better adjectives. End Times became one of my favourite Eels albums, but of course Beautiful Freak will always be the Eels album for me.


18. Pete Molinari: A Train Bound For Glory

Pete Molinari’s concert at Bar Kuka was one of the highlights of the year. We bought three records from the show as well. I think A Virtual Landslide is my favourite, but this new one is also brilliant. Although I’m not that big fan of the single Streetcar Named Desire. It’s actually one of my least favourite songs on the album. But just listen to those old-fashioned ballads. Oh my, just perfect.

17. Joe Pug: Messenger

I know there’s a huge amount of country & folk troubadours on the list, but what can I do. That’s the kind of music I love nowadays. And a person like Joe Pug is certainly not just another folk troubadour. This man is a real talent and a fantastic songwriter. At first, Messenger didn’t seem anything that special, but soon the whole subtle beauty was revealed and I was amazed about two things. 1.) How great Joe Pug was 2.)How stupid was I, because I didn’t instantly see/hear it.

16. Hi-Lo & In Between: The Lonely Bird

One of my favourite finnish albums of the year was Hi-Lo & In Between’s wonderful second album The Lonely Bird. Finnish folk rock & americana, violin & mandolin, great songs & beautiful singing. Country & folk tradition and some finnish melancholy. My kind of music. I hope these guys will soon get the recognition they deserve. I’m really looking forward to the next album.


15. Trembling Blue Stars: Fast Trains & Telegraph Wires

A last minute entry. Just got this four days ago, but I don’t have the heart to leave it out, because Trembling Blue Stars are one of my all-time favourite bands and this list seriously needs some (melancholic) indie pop. I almost owe my sanity to Bobby Wratten. Even if everything else was collapsing, Bobby Wratten’s voice has always been able to pull my heart together. It’s a bit too early to make final conclusions about Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires and a month later this might be ten places higher or lower. What I do know is that it’s certainly another great album. This will also be the final TBS album and it’s certainly a bit sad that there will be no more sad songs.

14. Possessed By Paul James: Feed The Family

I first bought the movie The Folk Singer and after watching that I knew I needed to buy some Possessed By Paul James albums. Feed The Family is definitely a passionate album. Mixture of energetic bluesy bluegrass and captivating folk songs. Extremely convincing stuff. It demands attention and doesn’t work that well as background music. But it really doesn’t need to, because music as pure and passionate as this will grab your attention.

13. Darren Hanlon: I Will Love You At All

Darren Hanlon’s wonderful song Scenes From A Separation took the song of the year award. This album is also steadily climbing up the charts and bypassed several albums that got a higher amount of hearts in a review. The first half of the album contains some of the best stuff released during the year. If it had all been that good, I Will Love You At All would have taken the album of the year award as well. However, the latter half is a bit weaker (albeit still really really good) and therefore this amazing australian (indie) pop troubadour has to settle for a place outside top ten.

12. Imperial State Electric: Imperial State Electric

This list needs a little bit of rock’n’roll and Nicke Andersson is the right man to deliver it. I’m a little surprised that this hasn’t gotten more attention. I just love this stuff and haven’t been this excited about Nicke’s band since the days of Payin’ The Dues. Sure it ain’t anything new and inventive, but it’s a whole lot of fun, fun & fun. Good old rock’n’roll and some rockin’ power pop. What could be better than that?

11. Have Gun, Will Travel: Postcards From The Friendly City

I’m not sure is Postcards From The Friendly City a 2010 release. I think this originally came out in november 2009, but later got wider distribution by the ever lovely Suburban Home. At least there was some writing about february 2010 street date on the Suburban Home website. I’ll trust that, because this wonderful album deserves all the love. Have Gun, Will Travel wrote stories that take place in their hometown Bradenton and wrapped them into lovely folk & americana songs. And it works like a charm. Let’s end this chapter of the albums of the list with a fan made video of the opening track Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothes.


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Favourite songs of the year 2010

That time of the year again. What are the best albums and songs of the year? These lists are blissfully pointless, but in some silly way I love making them. I didn’t spend ages on this song list though and I might have forgetten something important. It was still pretty difficult to choose just ten, but I know the album list will be ridicilously long, so I thought that I force myself to choose just ten songs this time around. Albums of the year countdown starts within a week or two.


10. Nopat: Yksinäisten tiet
9. Have Gun, Will Travel: Salad Days
8. The Posies: The Glitter Prize
7. Elvyn: Lotta Lies
6. The Genuine Fakes: I Don’t Want It
5. Penniless: The Missing
4. Teenage Fanclub: When I Still Have Thee
3. Two Cow Garage: Lydia
2. The Fox Hunt: Lower Than I Should Be

and the song of the year award goes to…

1. Darren Hanlon: Scenes From a Separation

Only Darren can make such a heartbreaking moment sound so heartwarming. A beautiful well-written story that makes you both cry and smile. This is a live video of the song made by Shoot The Player.

[vimeo clip_id=”12930593″]

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A Quick Review: Darren Hanlon – I Will Love You at All

Darren Hanlon: I Will Love You At All (Yep Roc, 2010)

Australian pop singer-songwriter Darren Hanlon should be famous. There aren’t many guys out there that can write moving pop songs about a kickstand and make squash sound like the most beautiful game ever. Darren is one of them. His new album I Will Love You At All is out on Yep Roc and it’s once again full of pop songs that make you smile. The lyrics are always brilliant and full of witty phrases that you can use as status updates and even the heartbreaking moments are delivered with subtle smile. The beginning of the album is truly amazing and I’m completely in love with the first four songs. That’s just amazing pop music. Unfortunately the album loses a bit of that magic during the latter half of the album and a couple of “just nice” tunes make appearances. Therefore I Will Love You At All won’t be able to challenge for the album of the year of award, even though it sounds just like the best album of the year during the early stages.


Darren Hanlon Website
Darren Hanlon at myspace

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