Power Pop #2: DM3 – One Time Two Times Devastated

Moving on to 90’s Australia. At this point, power pop guru Dom Mariani had already made plenty of pop classics with The Stems and The Someloves (these fantastic bands will definitely get an entry of their own) and DM3 continued on the same level of brilliance. My first introduction to DM3 and Dom Mariani was most likely this wonderful song One Time Two Times Devastated, because it is a real Räkärodeo classic (well many of these songs will be, because Miettinen gave me my power pop education) and it got a lot of air time even after I started to listen the show in the spring of 1997. The song is from the first DM3 album One Time Two Times Three Red Light that was released back in 1993. A great pop album even though DM3’s biggest masterpiece is probably the second album Road To Rome.


Dom Mariani Website

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