Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Victims, Enemies & Old Friends

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil: Victims, Enemies & Old Friends (Southern Discipline Recording Company, 2010)

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil from Muscle Shoals, Alabama makes me want to rewrite my albums of the year 2010 list. Their debut album Victims, Enemies & Old Friends is just pretty damn impressive from first note to last word. The core of the album lies deep in the americana soil and Victims, Enemies & Old Friends contains lots of captivating americana/folk rock songs  flavored with the greatest instruments like mandolin, banjo & fiddle. Doc is certainly a great storyteller and the lyrics remain major part of the charm throughout the record. I also love the fact that they are willing and able to bring a lot of haunting melodies and pop sense to the table and it makes this album one of the most delightful americana albums I’ve heard in a while (they show that you can deal with emotion-filled subjects in a country song without sounding like you’re shaking your broken heart in an empty whiskey bottle). Gritty southern pop is how the bio describes it and I suppose that’s about right. Call it what you want, it sounds absolutely thrilling to my pop-soaked heart. This is a fantastic album and would have been a serious top ten contender, if I had heard it before making those end of the year lists.

Listen to Prove Me Wrong:
Prove Me Wrong by Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil

Listen to Sunday School:
Sunday School by Doc Dailey & The Magnolia Devil

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil at Bandcamp
Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil Website

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