News: Epilä, Captain Cougar, TV-Resistori


Epilä’s debut album Avohakkuu hits the stores and your heart today on 20th of january. It will be released by Terra Recordings. Epilä might be a new band, but you might know some of the good people in the band from their previous pop groups such as Cartoon Tree, Jadecroon, Guava. Avohakkuu is a very fine album albeit it might be too radio friendly for the hardcore indie purists.

Epilä Website
Terra Recordings Website


Captain Cougar’s second album Of Dreams Long Gone was released last week by Pinetree Records. I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but based on songs they have on their myspace, the line-up changes didn’t alter the quality and their music still sounds wonderful.

Captain Cougar Website
Captain Cougar at myspace


Hooray! I’m extremely excited, because TV-Resistori is finally releasing new music. A free digital single Voi ei, ei voi olla totta will be released on 27th of january by Fonal Records. Hopefully an album will follow later this year. Anyway, more about this on 27th of january when I’m able to give that download link.

TV-Resistori Website
TV-Resistori at myspace
Fonal Records Website

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News: Epilä & Omsk



Epilä’s debut single Ajatuspoliisi will be released today on 14th of october by Terra Recordings. I can’t say much about the music because up until now it’s been rather hard to hear their songs outside live concerts (they don’t have a myspace and don’t give any samples on their website either). However, the band contains lovely and talented people who have previously played in groups such as Guava, Cartoon Tree, Jadecroon, Aknestik etc so I suppose it’s safe to assume that it will be great stuff. The debut album will follow in january.

Epilä Website


Omsk is a finnish folk act I found an hour ago (thanks to Antti) and since then I’ve been listening to their debut album on spotify. No final conclusions yet, but it is quite convincing stuff and I really like it.  In case you don’t have spotify, a lot of Omsk’s material is also available on the Omsk website and on their myspace.

Omsk Website
Omsk at myspace

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