Year 2011 Round Up Part 3: A.Mattsson, Sloan, Jonny, Fountains of Wayne, D.Myhr, T.Keene, M.Sweet, M. Viola

On with the highlights of the year. And this time finally some pop songs (even though I will get back to folk and country sooner or later). Let’s start with the big boys and power pop wizards who have written awesome pop music for years.

Andreas Mattsson – AA from the album Kick Death’s Ass

Jonny – Candyfloss from the album Jonny

Sloan – Unkind from the album Double Cross

Fountains Of Wayne – A Road Song from the album Sky Full Of Holes

David Myhr – Looking For a Life from the upcoming album Soundshine

Tommy Keene – Deep Six Saturday from the album Behind The Parade

Matthew Sweet – She Walks The Night from the album Modern Art

Mike Viola – Get You Back from the album Electro De Perfecto


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Fountains Of Wayne – Sky Full Of Holes

Fountains Of Wayne is regarded as one of the best pop bands in the world here at the headquarters. However, I was mildly disappointed with the previous album Traffic and Weather. It was a hit and miss album. There were some absolute FOW classics like Fire In The Canyon, but also some songs I did not like at all. Therefore I had some doubts when I bought the new album last week when it was released, but oh my. There’s not a thing to worry about. Sky Full Of Holes is a really solid pop album from start to finish and Schlesinger/Collingwood have once again written a bunch of fantastic pop songs.

This is Richie & Ruben:

Fountains Of Wayne Website

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