Power Pop #8: Frank Blake – Don’t Let Love Pass You By

Still no Scottish pop music on this section. Now that’s just wrong. Let’s leave Sparky’s Dream for the future and start with a little less known tune. There’s some usual suspects behind it though. Frank Blake was basicly Norman Blake and Francis McDonald and they recorded a few songs in the mid 90’s that appeared on the Shoeshine Chartbusters compilation (probably 7 inch single as well, I only own Alex Chilton’s Shoeshine single). Anyway, Don’t Let Love Pass You By is one of my all-time favourites. Maybe it’s not really power pop, but it’s definitely a perfect pop song in my books. I so love the lyrics and I think those words might have had a big influence on me. I listened this songs hundreds of times back in the day and those words really hit me, because I was an incredibly shy boy (and still am) and to me even saying hi to a girl was scarier than watching a Steven Seagal movie marathon. I don’t know can I thank Frank Blake for it, but in the end I did found love and I didn’t let it pass me by.


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