Video of the Day #45: Huck Notari

A week ago I was travelling to my hometown in a bus with Huck Notari’s beautiful album Very Long Dream as my companion and once again I fell in love with his songs. The album was released back in 2009, so this isn’t a new release. However, Huck Notari is so criminally unknown that he deserves a late love letter. I adore the whole album and I’m totally addicted to the beauty of the songs called I Want To Win and Wall Around Your Heart. I don’t think there’s a video for I Want To Win so let’s focus on the latter one. Wall Around Your Heart is one of my favourite break-up songs ever released. It’s such a beautifully crafted little song. I love the fact that I can’t really hear any anger or bad will towards “her” and no matter how broken the character in the song is, I know that he will end up being alright. This song is worth of all hearts in the world and Huck Notari from Portland, Oregon is a wonderful folk singer-songwriter.


Huck Notari at myspace
Huck Notari Website

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