Magnolia Electric Co.: Josephine


The Magnolia Electric Co: Josephine (Secretly Canadian, 2009)

The Magnolia Electric Co’s new album Josephine is a concept album. It’s a tribute to their bassist Evan Farrell who passed away way ahead of his time in december 2007. It’s a melancholic album and sometimes the sadness almost gets overwhelming. Therefore it’s not an easy album to listen to, but still a very rewarding one. It’s moving, beautiful and heartbreaking piece of music. The first half of Josephine is pure perfectness and songs like O! Grace and Shenandoah are truly amazing.  It’s touching, but it doesn’t get too dark in the beginning.  During the second half of the album, there are moments when the sadness covers too much ground and it’s getting harder to see the light anymore.  That doesn’t always seem appealing and this is why I usually prefer the beginning stages of the album. The quality remains equally high throughout the record, but I just don’t want to sink too deep into sadness every day.


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