Video of the Day #73: Matt Kline

I just watched this video half a dozen times in a row and absolutely love it. Therefore I have to share it with you. Matt Kline was a member of The Fox Hunt and he also wrote plenty of amazing songs for them. Even though I don’t really like the name of the band, I really love their music and the previous album Long Way To Go was the album of the year 2010 here at After the album Matt Kline quit the band and that was a big shock because I think he wrote and sung many of those Fox Hunt songs that I loved the most. But he didn’t quit music completely and I’ve been following his Facebook page since I noticed there was one. Tonight he posted this video and even though this is just a live video, I love this so dearly and keep on watching it over and over again.


Matt Kline’s Music Page at Facebook

(and if the person who shot this video, wants me to remove it, I will do that. I just had to post this live video because Matt Kline is so brilliant and so unknown).

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