News: Soliti – A new record label

The big news of the day was that Nick Triani launched a new label Soliti and signed Astrid Swan, Cats On Fire, The New Tigers, Black Twig and Big Wave Riders. Nick Triani did some excellent work as an A&R guy at Johanna Kustannus and I was far from pleased when I heard the news that Universal bought the label and made some big changes. Therefore it’s a wonderful thing that Nick Triani launched a new label and gave home to five indie bands that really deserved a record contract. Things will kick of with Astrid Swan’s Pavement cover album Hits (Pavement For Girls) late summer / autumn.

Soliti Website

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NT’s White Trash

Some great news. NT’s White Trash’s debut album Mourning Becomes Electric will be released on 18th of may by Stupido Records. What the hell is NT’s White Trash you might ask. Well I didn’t know either before I got the e-mail. It’s ex-Treeball & ex-Supermodel Nick Triani’s new group. The band also features other finnish indie heroes Janne Lehtinen, Heikki Tikka and Henrik Domingo. It’s pretty hard to make final conclusions about their sound based on one song so let’s steal Nick’s words from their soundcloud page:

“NT’s White Trash is loose and ragged by choice, and an opportunity to bridge the gap between my old band Supermodel’s lo-fi thrash and Treeball’s more considered pop. The album title refers to this new opportunity to turn things up!”

Listen to the first outtake The Whistle from the upcoming album below. Sounds great if you ask me.

04 Whistle by NT’s White Trash

NT’s White Trash Website
NT’s White Trash at facebook

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