The Fox Hunt and more

During the last few days I’ve been totally addicted to a country and bluegrass group called The Fox Hunt. All I need is banjo & fiddle & beautiful harmonies. Just fantastic country songs. A new album out apparently soon and I’m definitely going to buy it. I’ve been also trying to find their earlier album Nowhere Bound. I did order it from cdbaby but I’m not sure can they still get it because it was backordered. I hope they can, because those two old songs from that album on their myspace are also marvellous. Oh why it’s always so difficult to find the albums you would love (I’m still looking that Lenny & The Piss Poor Boys album as well).

The Fox Hunt at myspace
The Fox Hunt website

I probably should change the title of this blog to POP & COUNTRY blog, because all I seem to listen to it country music. Today I ordered Tim Barry’s new album and Have Gun Will Travel’s second album from Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective. Besides that I’ve been also enjoying the music of Kasey Anderson, Micah Schnabel, The Takers, Prison Book Club… and the list of records to buy just keeps on growing and growing.. and I’m also waiting for the new Jason & The Scorchers album.

Have Gun Will Travel at myspace
Tim Barry at myspace
Tim Barry Website
The Takers at myspace
Kasey Anderson Website
Kasey Anderson at myspace
Micah Schnabel at myspace
Prison Book Club at myspace
Jason & The Scorchers Website
Jason & The Scorchers at myspace

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