Miettinen – Pieni rockhistoriikki 1979-2000

Something to look forward to and the very likely winner of the box set of the year award. Miettinen – Pieni rock historiikki 1979-2000 will be released on 7th of september 2011. I love Miettinen. I’m almost like a prodigee of Miettinen. There would be no One Chord to Another without Miettinen and his radio show Räkärodeo. If there is a person that deserves a box set or three, it’s Miettinen. He had a huge influence on me and gave me my rock and guitar pop education. Nowadays there’s thousands of blogs and websites that provide more music tips my body can safely handle. I love those and spend hours of reading them every week, but even all of them combined can’t introduce me half as much great music than one beautiful radio show did every wednesday back then. I don’t understand how the younger generations can cope without Räkärodeo. Actually I don’t even understand how I can cope without Räkärodeo.

More about Miettinen and the box set after it has been released. I will buy this as soon as it becomes available. Maybe I should set a tent outside the record store right now. Oh well. I’m not really an outdoor type.

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