Year 2011 Round Up Part 3: A.Mattsson, Sloan, Jonny, Fountains of Wayne, D.Myhr, T.Keene, M.Sweet, M. Viola

On with the highlights of the year. And this time finally some pop songs (even though I will get back to folk and country sooner or later). Let’s start with the big boys and power pop wizards who have written awesome pop music for years.

Andreas Mattsson – AA from the album Kick Death’s Ass

Jonny – Candyfloss from the album Jonny

Sloan – Unkind from the album Double Cross

Fountains Of Wayne – A Road Song from the album Sky Full Of Holes

David Myhr – Looking For a Life from the upcoming album Soundshine

Tommy Keene – Deep Six Saturday from the album Behind The Parade

Matthew Sweet – She Walks The Night from the album Modern Art

Mike Viola – Get You Back from the album Electro De Perfecto


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Power Pop #6: Sloan – The Rest of My Life

There’s two reasons to pick the wonderful Canadian indie rock / power pop group Sloan tonight. 1) This blog is celebrating 10 year anniversary next saturday at Pikku-Torre and Sloan has been quite a big influence over the years. One Chord to Another is an album by Sloan and another Sloan album Pretty Together was the first album I ever reviewed. 2) Today Sloan informed that they are offering a new digital singles album for free. It’s entitled Sloan – Select Singles 1992-2011, it contains 14 great Sloan singles and you can download it for free from NoiseTrade. It’s extremely difficult to pick just one song from it, because I pretty much love all those 14 singles. But I’m an extremely logical person and therefore I think I don’t pick anything from One Chord to Another or Pretty Together this time around and instead go with this beauty from their seventh album Action Pact (released in 2003).

Sloan Website

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Sloan – The Double Cross

The name of this blog/website already shows that I love Sloan. One Chord To Another is a classic Sloan album. Therefore it’s an amazing disgrace that I still haven’t reviewed their latest album The Double Cross. And I still don’t do much more than just say that the new album came out in may, it’s once again awesome and close to full amount of hearts. This amazing Canadian power pop / indie rock quartet is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary. Hopefully they stick around for another 20 years, because they are still one of the best bands around. This is a song called Unkind from the new album.

Sloan Website

That’s all for now, but hopefully a full review later on. Perhaps I should do some kind of Sloan special now when is celebrating 10 year anniversary. Something like One Chord to Another reviews One Chord To Another and The Double Cross.

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