The Genuine Fakes – Liner Notes EP

After posting the great new songs from Finnish pop group Heartjet, it’s time for some amazing Swedish pop music. I also know that Heartjet guys are into this next band, so that’s another good reason to write about these two during the same evening.

The band in question is obviously The Genuine Fakes who played a stunning concert at Flavour Of The Month earlier in the fall. Certainly one of the highlights of my year. The Genuine Fakes marvellous debut came out last year and currently they are in the process of making the follow-up. While waiting for that pop masterpiece, the band decided to put together a new digital ep. Liner Notes EP came out on 11/11/11 and contains leftovers from the debut album sessions, one new song and a couple of covers (Andreas Mattsson and The Posies). Most of these have appeared as bonus tracks on US and Japanese versions of the debut, but everything has been remixed by the band and then remastered by Anders Hellgren (from the legendary Swedish pop group The Merrymakers).

And don’t worry. These are not some barely decent tunes that didn’t make the debut album, because they weren’t any good. I think these are ridiculously amazing considering that fact and many power pop groups would have been proud to have written even one of them. While the debut was a loud power pop album best suited for friday nights, these new mixes might bring some melodic greatness to sunday mornings as well. I’m totally loving this. You can stream the whole thing on their bandcamp and/or follow my example and just buy yourself this digital pop treasure from the same place.

This is the opener Time Is Slight. Check the rest on their bandcamp.

The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at Facebook

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Small introduction to Swedish Powerpop

The Genuine Fakes from Sweden will play at Flavour Of The Month club here in Turku on 3.9.2011 (unfortunately the Helsinki show did not work out) like you may have noticed. Therefore I’ve been also listening to some older swedish powerpop favourites of mine. There are plenty of them, because 90’s Swedish power pop is extremely important to me. Popsicle has always been my biggest Swedish love affair, but all of these are huge favourites of mine. I’m sure you will hear some of these at the next Flavour Of The Month also, because I’m one of the DJs.

Popsicle: Sunkissed

The Wannadies: Might Be Stars

The Merrymakers: I’m In… Love!

Blissful: Factory Girl

Tommy 16: Baby’s Got

and some newer stuff:

Mellowmen: Sunshine Shell

The Swedish Polarbears: Norman Blake (<- These guys really capture the TFC sound perfectly) [youtube] and obviously the wonderful The Genuine Fakes who will play at Flavour Of The Month (Pikku-Torre, Turku on 3rd of september) The Genuine Fakes: I Don’t Want It

The Genuine Fakes: When Reality Hits You

And obviously this was just a start. There’s so much more. Like Atomic Swing, This Perfect Day, Eggstone, The Drowners, Bear Quartet, Happydeadmen, Beagle, Hardy Nilsson

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FOTM presents: One Chord to Another 10th Anniversary – The Genuine Fakes (Sweden), The Sugarrush, The Wonderminer

Flavour Of The Month and One Chord to Another joined forces and are celebrating their anniversaries at Pikku-Torre, Turku on saturday 3rd of september. The host of the evening, Flavour Of The Month club turns 13 years old and this little blog is celebrating 10th anniversary. And we have something very special to offer. Two fabulous Finnish pop bands/artists The Sugarrush and The Wonderminers sharing the stage with our Swedish friends, the wonderful Stockholm-based power pop group, The Genuine Fakes.


One Chord to Another 10th anniversary / Flavour of the Month 13th anniversary
The Genuine Fakes (Sweden)
The Sugarrush
The Wonderminers

la 3.9.2011 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 4€

The Genuine Fakes (Sweden)

The Genuine Fakes from Stockholm, Sweden will headline the evening. They are one of the best nordic power pop bands at the moment and actually their debut album entitled The Striped Album is even one of the best power pop albums I’ve heard during the recent years. I’m extremely excited that they are coming to Finland (update: The Helsinki concert didn’t work out, So they will only play in Turku on 3.9.2011). They are marvelous and remind me of Popsicle, The Posies, The Merrymakers.

The Genuine Fakes Website

The Sugarrush

A huge favourite of mine and it was totally obvious that if there will be some kind of party, The Sugarrush had to play there if they were willing and able to. Thankfully they were and it will be so great to see this hardest rockin’ pop band in the world play a live concert.

The Wonderminers

And last we have The Wonderminers going solo. Their drummer Olli Moilanen is currently investigating the indie pop scene in Bangladesh, but Petri Nakari from The Wonderminers is able to create a lot of pop magic also on his own and will start the evening with some high quality guitar pop songs.

The Wonderminers Website

And the FOTM DJ Team will also be there playing (for example) a whole lot of nordic power pop, finnish pop music. See you there.

And the Finnish press release:


Turkulaisen Flavour Of The Monthin syyskausi käynnistyy lauantaina 3.9. juhlatunnelmissa, kun klubi itse täyttää 13 vuotta ja klubin DJ-ryhmään kuuluvan Vesa Lautamäen One Chord to Another-blogi juhlistaa kymmentä toimintavuottaan kolmen live-esiintyjän voimin. Lautamäen kuratoimassa tapahtumassa esiintyvät tukholmalainen The Genuine Fakes, vaasalais-helsinkiläinen The Sugarrush sekä vielä varmistamattomalla kokoonpanolla esiintyvä pääkaupunkilainen The Wonderminers.

One Chord to Another aloitti suomalaista kitarapoppia käsittelevänä nettisivustona ja muuntui blogiksi muutama vuosi sitten. Erityisesti blogivuosina sivustolla on käsitelty enenevässä määrin myös ulkomaista musiikkia, kuten vaikkapa ruotsalaista Genuine Fakesiä, jota voitaisiin kuvailla sekä Flavour Of The Monthin että One Chordin prototyyppisuosikiksi. Kvartetti työstää häpeilemättömän klassista, yltiömelodista powerpoppia, jonka ilmeisiä vaikutteita (Popsicle, Merrymakers, Wannadies, The Posies jne.) bändi ei pahemmin peittele.

The Sugarrush puolestaan on vuosien varrella esiintynyt FOTMissa useasti ja Lautamäen kaikkien aikojen lempibändinä itsestään selvä valinta illan esiintyjäkaartiin. The Wonderminersin jäsenet ovat niin ikään esiintyneet eri kokoonpanoissa (mm. Red Carpet ja Sister Flo) FOTM:ssa useasti ja edustavat osaltaan One Chordin ja FOTM:n käsitystä laadukkaasta popmusiikista.


+ Flavour Of The Month DJ team
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
La 3.9. klo 21-03
Liput: 4€

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